Statement Of purpose MA Education

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Being a young woman from a small village that had scarce opportunities to excel beyond the bare minimum primary school i pride myself as fighter who has risen above cracks of helplessness and lots of hard work while learning at the same time to see myself through education without succumbing to the temptations of giving up because of the pressure and the many sacrifices I had to take even when my life was spearheaded in a different direction at that time.

The decision on taking this step therefore its not just for the sake of it or so much about the challenge but I see it as a pathway to opening new opportunities to acquit myself with the advanced educational theories, policy-making and practice information which will help me fulfil not only my aspirations but also become an accomplished professional in the field of education.

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The reason why I chose to apply to this university its because its among the best universities with an honourable history of not only extending opportunities to the needy African students but also has a powerful pedagogical resource, a vibrant intellectual atmosphere and a comprehensive curriculum entwined in a very advanced but yet familiar environment in terms of culture and experiences.

I’m particularly interested in educational and policy studies because the only knowledge that I have on this subject has been informed and sustained by my imagination and an array of courses that I took in my undergraduate studies. I also believe that teachers who earn their advanced degrees have a deeper level of understanding of the profession are able to modify curriculum goals, adjust teaching methods, and enter leadership positions to enact changes in education they wish integrated into the system. Seeing a society where everyone has access and benefits from education, regardless of age, gender or circumstances in every socio-cultural, religious, political and economic context would be my utmost satisfaction.

Of course, programmes have been put into place to address this yet there’s a widening gap in achievement in institutes because these programmes have failed to close the gender gaps suggesting that there’s still a lot that needs to be done. That would require the relevant knowledge and skills which means getting this graduate degree is a prerequisite to equip myself with the advanced knowledge on this subject to succeed in this path that I have chosen.

In preparation and having in mind the rigours of this course, I took a course in Leadership Development and Mentorship and a Certificate in Teaching English as a foreign language. I have also gained experience of close to two years teaching in a foreign country and I have the first-hand experience of a huge difference in the system compared to what has been availed to me and as of such feels an innate sense of responsibility to my society’s inadequacies.

Lastly but not least, at this point in my life, I feel physically mentally and academically ready than ever to undertake studies at a more capable position and so would be grateful if offered the opportunity to fulfil this capacity.

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