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Family Background

Myself, Kishankumar Kantibhai Sojitra is applying for Mining Engineering in Monash University, a 4 year program. We are a family of four members from Surat, Gujarat. My father Mr. Kantibhai Punabhai Sojitra is a business man running in Diamond Co. He is sponsoring me for my overseas study, his annual income is 15,00,000 INR. My mother Mrs. Kailasben Kantibhai Sojitra is a Housewife. My elder brother Mr. Bhavik Sojitra is an Interior Designer. I’m very thankful to my family for their support & helping me to pursue studies abroad.

Education Background

I did my Secondary School Certificate (SSC) in March 2016 and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) in 2018 from Gujarat Board with 92.89% and 91.53% respectively. I also searched courses in India which I can pursue but as per my discussion with my senior friend in college they suggested me to study from an Overseas country which is the good opportunity to enhance my career so I started doing research for Overseas option after completion of my secondary school. After visiting many consultancies & attending various education fairs, I shortlisted few overseas countries like USA, UK and Australia but then I realized that Australia having internationally renowned universities and quality standard of living is one of the best destinations for abroad study. So, through my internet research I found about various universities in Australia, their education system along with their rankings and finally chose to study at Monash University. For overseas study, I realized that PTE is the most acceptable test recognized by most of the countries. So, I started preparing for PTE and took my first PTE test on 29th October 2018 scoring 58 marks.

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Why I have Selected Bachelor of Mining Engineering

Mining engineering is a field of engineering that deals with the design and creation of mines for the efficient recovery of minerals. Read on to discover more about the world of mining.

Mining engineering is a discipline that applies science, technology and mechanical principles to locate and extract mineral resources from the earth as safely, efficiently and non-destructively as possible. The recovery techniques used depend on whether a mine is a surface or an underground operation. Mining engineers may also play a role in converting exhausted mining sites into livable habitats. Aspiring mining engineers have several educational and professional routes at their disposal.

Subjects in Bachelor of Mining Engineering

Geology, physics, chemistry, environmental studies, mathematics and economics are the fundamentals of mining engineering studies. Coursework can include rock fragmentation and mechanics, mine design, mine ventilation, surveying, mineral processing and resource law.

Why not Study in India?

In my home country India even though we have different types of Bachelor’s degree courses like Computer Science, IT , BSC but the education system in Indian universities generally focus more on theoretical learning rather than highlighting practical knowledge. Apart from that the internship provided by Australian Universities will help me in gaining international work experience. English speaking countries has a reputation for adopting new technologies based on current developments at a faster rate than India. To get admission into a good university for higher education requires a student to give multiple entrance exams like JEE, CAT, GMAT and needs more time for preparation and which is time consuming. I do not want to waste my time; instead I am determined to complete my higher qualification from a University overseas as this will also add more value to my profile.

Why Not Study in Other Country?

Before finalizing the country, I took into consideration various factors such as weather condition, environment in country, cost of living & tuition fees, mode of education, global recognition of degree in employment world etc. While comparing the avenues of specialization, Accreditation of Institute, Cost of Study and living, weather, Student Safety of USA, U.K, Canada and Australia, I felt that the Australia being the forerunner in my field would be an ideal ground for further studies. When compared climatic conditions in Canada, USA & UK, there all have extreme cold conditions.

Study costs and Living Expenses in Australia are considerably lower than other major destinations such as the United States and United Kingdom. Because of currency conversion rate where in UK 1pound=87INR and in USA1USD=65 INR compared to pound and US dollar Australian dollar rate is low. Moreover Australian education is accepted by UGC and Government of India as well where as 1year UK master’s degree is not accepted in India, when we apply for jobs in IT companies or in Government sectors. There are ranges of scholarships available which can help to lower the cost of studying in Australia. Australian qualifications are recognized by international employers and leading educational institutions around the world. But I didn’t prefer going the other two because For USA I need to give the exams like GMAT or GRE, apart from IELTS and TOEFL which needs more time for preparation and also the USA Visa process is slow and time consuming. So these reasons made me decided to study in Australia.

Why Australia?

Australia is currently the third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world, behind the United States and the UK. Many international students choose to study there because of the cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education.

The major reason why I chose to study in Australia is its high quality of lifestyle and education. Beside all these Pros, the education and living expenditure in Australia will be comparatively 40 to 60% less than that of USA/UK, varying with the location.The Australian education system has a strong international reputation and is known for its effective structure, world class faculty and research facilities. It is young, vibrant and friendly country in which students can live, learn and grow. Also with the Australian government assuring the quality of education for International students who meet requirements for registration and ensure on education delivery, facilities and student support services, it becomes an ideal location for leveraging my career goals on higher levels. Australia offers all foreign students quality at affordable living costs in a friendly multi cultural atmosphere similar to India. I aim to take my learning to an International level and would like to apply new innovative technologies in business, locally as well as globally.

Knowledge about Monash University

Monash University is in the top one per cent of universities worldwide, and consistently listed as a preferred source of graduates by companies the world over.

This unit explores different knowledge traditions to develop student’s understanding of the importance and relationships between context and knowledge across discipline streams. It critically considers the different paradigms of knowledge to explore differences or similarities between the physical sciences and humanities or social sciences perspectives. Students identify, compare, contrast and discuss different disciplinary approaches to knowledge and become familiar with the relationships between knowledge and context.

Why Monash University and Why not Other Universities in Australia?

I Compared Monash University with other universities, it provides different types of programs with a remarkable standards of its own. It offers highly competitive and affordable fees. I compared Moash University with Latrobe, Deakin and Swinburne. Whereas in Latrobe fee structure for 1year is AUD 31,000, in Swinburne University fee structure for 1year is AUD 34,900 and in Deakin University, the fee structure for 1year is AUD 32,500. Finally, I realized that Monash University is better for my course. Matching my budget, my concrete vision, I found that equally Monash’s has a Strong focus on social innovation with opportunities for students to be involved in volunteering activities that will help student develop career-ready skills.


I want to fulfill my dreams and remove the stumbling blocks in the way of a faster career growth. Always seeking for the best; Hence, I want to become a part of the renowned Monash University. I feel association with your University will be very beneficial for my future. I am confident that I possess the ability to race along in the track of achievers, turning all the stumbling blocks into progressive opportunities for the future.

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