Southeast Bank Limited

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( A Case Study on Southeast Bank Limited, Lal Dighir Paar Branch, Sylhet )


At first, I would wish to show my gratitude to almighty God for enabling me the strength and chance to finish the study within the agenda clip successfully.

I like thank from the nucleus of my bosom to the internship supervisor, and honest instructor Dr. Dipak Kanti Dutta, Professor & A ; caput, Department of Business Administration, Leading University, Sylhet, who helped me in every stairss of my internship.

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I truly like to confabulate my particular good-humored thanks to my honored instructor, “Mr. Shahansha Molla” for assisting me from all facets and to do this study magnificent.

I am really much grateful to Mr. Altafur Rahman, S.V.P. and director of the SEBL, LDP Branch and Mr. Amjad Hussain, S.A.V.P. and director operation of SEBL, LDP Branch for giving me the chance to finish my internship in this subdivision.

I besides want to thank Mr. Mizanur Rahman ( EO ) , Mr. Yasir Hussain ( MTO ) , Mr. Hasnath basher ( Officer ) , Mr. Abul Khayer ( JO ) , Mr. Shubhendu Bhattacharjee ( TPO ) , Mr. Subimal Karmaker ( Internee ) and all other persons of SEBL, LDP Branch for their support.

I practically worked with them, and in this study tried to portion their perceptual experiences and feelings on the footing of my realisation, from my ain point of position.

Then at last I shall be thankful to those individuals who read this study and who shall acquire benefit from this study at present and future.

— — — — — — — — — –

Rajib Roy


Annual Report of Southeast Bank Limited 2005.Annual Report of Southeast Bank Limited 2006.Booklets of Southeast Bank Limited.Operation manual on General banking of Southeast Bank Limited.Daily Affairs of SEBL, LDP Branch, Sylhet.Website ( ) of Southeast Bank Limited.The Account Opening Form of Southeast Bank Limited.Modern Banking- R. S. Sayers.Dr. R.R. Paul, Money Banking and International Trade, 3rd Edition, page # 6-B, 33-B.


A/C: History

AVP: Adjunct Vice President

BAMLCO: Branch Anti Money washing Compliance Officer

Bb: Bangladesh Bank

CCTV: Close Circuit Television

Cadmium: Current Deposit

Dubnium: Double benefit Scheme

Doctor of divinity: Demand Draft

Displaced person: Deposit Pension Scheme

EVP: Executive Vice President

FAVP: First Assistance Vice President

Roosevelts: Fixed Deposit Receipt

FVP: First Vice President

Holmium: Head Office

Goblin: Head OF Branch

IBC: Inward Bills for Collection

IBCA: Inter Branch Credit Advice

IBDA: Inter Branch Debit Advice

Information technology: Information Technology

KYC: Know Your Customer

LDP: Lal Dighir Paar

Myocardial infarction: Monthly Income Scheme

Millimeter: Monthly Savingss Scheme

Moments: Manager Operation

OBC: Outward Bills of Collection

Polonium: Payment Order

Antimony: Savingss Bank

SEBL: Southeast Bank Limited

SLR: Statutory Liquidity Reserve

SME: Small and Medium Scale Enterprise

Venereal disease: Short Term Deposit

STR: Leery Transaction Reporting

SVP: Senior Vice President

TP: Transaction Profile

Terrestrial time: Telegraphic Transportation

VP: Vice President

Wide area network: Wide Area Network

Executive Summary:

A bank is an establishment which deals with money and recognition. It accepts sedimentations from the populace, makes the financess available to those who need them, and helps in the remittal of money from one topographic point to another.

Southeast Bank Limited has a long and relishing heritage. It is a 2nd coevals Bank which was established in 1995 with a vision to stand out as a innovator banking establishment in Bangladesh and lend significantly to the national economic system. It was established under Companies Act, 1994 on March 12, 1995. The Bank and its first subdivision at the busiest commercial hub of the state at 1, Dilkusha Commercial Area, Dhaka was opened on May 25, 1995. The 33 subdivisions of SEBL are runing in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, and Khulna.

SEBL, Lal Dighir Paar Branch was opened on December 03, 1995. From the get downing it has been supplying better services to the clients with a better degree of public presentation. It is supplying assorted services to the people. It is located in Lal Dighir Paar, Sylhet which is called the commercial country of Sylhet. They are geting a better net income by their services.

The General banking services of SEBL, LDP Branch includes pickings of sedimentations in the signifier of Current Deposit Account, Savings Bank A/C, Special Savings Deposit Account, Short Term Deposit A/C, Fixed Deposit Receipt. In the inland remittal subdivision it issues TT, P0, DD, etc. It provides any branch online banking installation. It besides includes hard currency subdivision, IT subdivision, Clearing subdivision, despatch subdivision. This subdivision has a immense degree sedimentation in comparing to other subdivision or bank available in Sylhet. This subdivision is supplying good services to the clients and doing a good degree of net income from the beginning. The subdivision has taken some process to forestall money laundering

Southeast bank has some shortcoming. They should hold attempt to come out from the traditional thought like-fewer advertisement actions, a little figure of commercial locations of ATM Card, scarceness of human resources, staff dissatisfactions sing fillip, motive & A ; publicity. In add-on of all these defects the operating milieus of the bank is bettering every twenty-four hours.


1.0 Introduction:

The beginning of bank, in the modern sense, is traced to Italy. The word ‘Bank ‘ besides seems to hold originated from Italy. A Bank is fundamentally concern organisations that accepts money, collects and awards client ‘s checks, keeps different types of histories, make loans and progress and does other accessory concern. It is an organisation normally engaged in any or all of the assorted banking, i.e. receiving, roll uping, reassigning, paying, loaning, puting, covering, interchanging and serving money and claims to money both domestically and internationally.

1.1 Definition of a Bank:

A bank is a fiscal organisation that trades in money and recognition.

Bank is a fiscal intermediary accepting sedimentations and allowing loans ; offers the widest scope of services of any fiscal establishment and in return receives payments from them.

Banks are different to other concerns as Banks do non sell goods to the client but sell fiscal services.

The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 defines­ “ Banker is a individual transacting the concern of accepting for the intent of loaning and investing of sedimentations of money from the public repayable on demand or otherwise withdrawable by check, bill of exchange order or otherwise. ”

Banks are fiscal establishments that perform a really of import map in the economic system. We have across assorted sorts of banking maps in our every twenty-four hours life. These maps may be an illustration of withdrawing of hard currency from one history, cashing a check, lodging money and many more.

In the words of R.R. Paul, “a bank is an establishment which deals with money and recognition. It accepts sedimentations from the populace, makes the financess available to those who need them, and helps in the remittal of money from one topographic point to another.

1.2 Bangladesh Bank:

Bangladesh Bank is the Central Bank of the state. The Bangladesh Bank is responsible to the authorities for:

Formulation and Implementation of Monetary Policy and Supervision of Banks and Financial Institutions runing in Bangladesh.

Issue of notes and coins.

Detention of state ‘s Foreign Exchange Reserves. .

Lender of last resort to the Commercial Banks and act as an Official for short-run money market traders.

Other maps as per in the Bank Company Act 1991.

1.3 Commercial Banks:

Commercial Banks are continually developing and accommodating to the altering economic and societal environment in which they operate. It is hence, of import to be cognizant of the basic rules of commercial banking and its merchandises and their operations. Commercial Banks attract their clients by offering involvement on sedimentations and deploy the fund so gathered in loaning after keeping a per centum of sedimentation as Statutory Liquidity Reserve ( SLR ) with the Bangladesh Bank, which changes from clip to clip as per determination of Bangladesh Bank.

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