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Csr Activity of Eastern Bank Limited

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    EASTERN BANK LIMITED The objective of EBL’s CSR policy is to promote education and extend help to any activity that relates to the development of education system in Bangladesh. At the time of national requirement, EBL generously came forward with helping hands to serve the humanity Disaster relief ? Donation and distribution of 50,000 liter clean drinking water and medicines at the ‘Aila’ affected areas of Satkhira & Khulna.

    An EBL team visited the remote areas by motorized boats and directly distributed the water and medicines to the affected population of the areas. ?Donation of Tk. 25 lac for the flood affected people in 2007. ?Donation of Tk. 50 lac for the cyclone “Sidr’’ affected people in 2007. Education ?EBL Dhaka University Alumni Association (DUAA) inspiration got materialized in 2008. A no. of 228 students from each academic year of each departments of University of Dhaka received awards for their academic achievements. Donated several desktop and laptop computers to different departments of University of Dhaka. ?Donation to Rajshahi University Physics Department for arranging seminars. Health ?Donation to Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Association for organizing rural level medical training. ?Donation to Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association for scientiic seminar to develop Physiotherapist in Bangladesh. ?Chittagong Eye Infirmary for free treatment service to poor patients; Shondhani, Bangladesh Medical Unit for Blood Donation Program; Faridpur Heart Foundation for buying equipments. Seminar on Nephrology jointly organized with Rafles’ Hospital, Singapore for EBL Customers for health awareness. ?

    Health awareness seminars and discussion sessions jointly with Apollo Hospitals and Blood Donation Campaigns at different branches. Social welfare ?Donation of Tk. 20 lac to “Adorn Publications” for publishing “Mohan Ekushey Subornojoyonti Grontho” written on rich heritage of language movement and culture of Bangladesh. ?Donation of Tk. 10 lac to Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation for building its own power generation plant for their ongoing Reahabilitation center. Donation to ‘Prerona’, an organization for publishing children’s book for blind children. ?Donation to Lions Foundation for social activities. ?Donation to Forestry Department, Ministry of environment for running awareness campaigns on forest preservation. ?Donation to ‘Uddipon Biddalaya’, an institute working with underprivileged children. ?Donated to Dhaka Metropolitan Police for arranging ‘Traffic Awareness Month 2008; Forest Ministry for arranging Tree Week.

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