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It is very important to ensure a good circle of communication is evident between families, childcare workers, support workers and also professionals so that the child may be provided with the best possible resources in order to suit their needs and ensure that they can engage and be a part of their ACE setting and be best prepared for moving forward into what we would hope to be a mainstream school. (Barnyards, ND) It is very important to consider ethical actions when dealing with a child with additional needs, the child’s dignity must be respected and taken into consideration at all times.

Confidentiality is one of the most significant traits which all workers within each sector should take into consideration but especially within a childcare setting. Any information relating to a child should not be disclosed with any other person who does not have dealings with that particular child. While ensuring the child is provided with a secure environment in which they feel safe, both physically and emotionally, it is important to ensure that all methods of security are of good nature.

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The child should always be aware of what is going to happen throughout heir day, an ACE worker should always make the child aware of what is going to happen next before uprooting the child from their current activity. When or if physical contact takes place, one should ensure that the type of touching is not considered to be inappropriate as this may lead to a false sense of security for the child as well as leading to an abusive nature. As well as this, it is important to receive consent from the child in relation to touching, even just a touch on the hand.

This will ensure the child has a sense of control and security in their rounding’s and also develop a sense of trust with their main care giver. (Flood, An ACE Setting in Relation to Social, Ethical and Legal Issues. (Continued.. ) The EPEES (Education for Persons with Special Educational Needs) Act was passed in 2004, this act recognized that people with special educational needs have the same right to an education as their peers who do not have such needs.

This resulted in fewer children attending special schools, most children with special educational needs now attend mainstream schools and are provided with assistance from Special Needs Assistants (Sans). The establishment of the National Council for Special Education (NCSC) was also a significant step for Irish education. The council has the power to designate a school for a child which meets the wants of their parents as well as the needs for that child. (NCSC, 2014) The Disability Act 2005 provides for an assessment of children as well as adults and sets out eligibility criteria for entitlement to services under this act.

Special educational needs are outlined by assessment under this act. Similarly, an assessment is carried out under the EPEES Act which can identify health needs. Hess health needs are then dealt with by the Heath Service Executive in a service statement. (Children Together, 2008) Planning a Developmentally Appropriate Activity For a Child With Additional Needs When planning an activity I realize it is important to consider both the abilities and interests of the child. When choosing an activity i asked myself some of these questions: Will the child be able to participate entirely like their peers?

Will this activity provide some choice? Will this activity allow the child to gain a sense of independence by experiencing things themselves? What is this child interested in? Sis for the activity to be new but also ensure the child is comfortable with what is involved. Activity I have chosen: After taking my questions into consideration, I have concluded that making play- dough will be both, an enjoyable and beneficial activity. Who is it for? This activity is actually suitable for most children of various special needs, In this instance I have chosen for a child who has autism. Why is it suitable?

This activity is suitable for a number of reasons. Many of which are listed below: 1 . There are various textures involved in the making of play-dough; salt, water, lour, oil and also many other textures can be added such as pasta and rice. 2. Positively influential for the development of fine motor skills. The use of the small muscles in the hands when mixing the ingredients and also the various movements which can be involved when playing with the play-dough can be very beneficial as the child gains hand strength, coordination and also dexterity whilst also enjoying the activity. . Children with autism often tend to find it difficult to become involved and understand imaginary play. Play-dough is a great starting point in order to teach the child how they can use their imagination. For example, creating spaghetti and other various types of food. How you do it: Ingredients/materials needed: a mixing bowl, 1 cup flour, h cup salt, h cup water and food coloring. Method: Add all of the ingredients into the bowl and mix together (using fingers). Mix until the consistency is correct and then add some food coloring.

Knead the dough for a minute or two and then you are ready for some more fun, making cool objects out of the play dough. (Class notes, 2014) Safety Consideration: It is important to observe the child as they play with the play-dough, many hillier have a tendency to eat it. Although this play-dough is non-toxic as it is homemade, it can still be considered rather dangerous if ingested as it is being touched consistently and can gather bacteria which may have a negative impact on the child’s digestive system.

Reflection of Personal and Professional Skills and Knowledge Relating to Working with Additional Needs and Own Role and Responsibility as part of a Multidisciplinary Team. In order to work in the profession of assisting those with additional needs one must have many personal attributes as well as having attained skills. One should be organizes and consistent, consistency and routine are often the most important things on a daily basis for a child with additional needs.

On a personal level it is essential to have patience along with compassion, this work can be challenging at times so it is important to ensure that the worker is compassionate about their role. One should be able to work on their own but also as part of a time as a strong level of communication is essential amongst those who are involved with the child. Knowledge of the child’s additional needs are essential in order to know how to care for the child appropriately as well as raising appropriate activities in order to ensure they are meeting their PEP.

When working as part of a multidisciplinary team it is significantly important to ensure that confidentiality is number one on the list at all times. No information relating to that child should be discussed with anyone who is not dealing with that child. The team must work together in order to ensure the best possible outcome for that child. Parents should also be involved as no one knows the child more than their parents. Everyone has a very important role when involved tit a child who has additional needs, it is important that everyone for fills their role entirely and ensures the best possible outcome for the child.

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