The Australian Education System and the Chinese Education System

The education systems of China and Australia have many differences and similarities. There are some similarities in their timetables and calendars. However, they are some differences between Chinese and Australian education systems, such as extra-curricular activities, ways of transportation students take to get to school and types of schools. This essay will describe the differences and similarities between Chinese education and Australian education.

Timetables of the Chinese education and Australian education are generally the same, with regular classes from Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, both Chinese and Australian education systems offer extra classes for their students, such as football class and dancing class. However, these education systems have a small difference, which is that Australian students study from 8.45 am to 3pm but Chinese students study from 8 am to 6 pm.

Australian education system is similar to Chinese education in its calendar of the school year. They all start in January and finish in December. The summer holiday is the biggest vacation in both education systems. However, there are 4 terms in the Australian education system, whereas Chinese education system only has 2 terms each year.

Despite these similarities, they have many differences. First of all, Australian education system unlike the Chinese education system has extra-curricular activities. In the Australian education system, there are many extra-curricular activities in their schools. For example, all schools in Australia offer sporting and camping trips. Australian students can get life skills and experiences form these activities.

However, in Chinese education system, there are no such extra activities for Chinese student. This is because Chinese teachers want students to spend time on their study.

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