Species and Good Job

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Gene Question 6 Which structure can occupy up to 90% of the volume in a plant cell? Correct A. Central vacuole Question 7 Which castellated fibers are found in the internal structure of the cilia and flagella? D. Misconstrues Question 8 In mammalian species, what structure propels the movement of sperm cells? A. Flagellum Question 9 Which cell organelle which is responsible for processing, packaging, and the secretion of proteins? D. Googol apparatus Question 10 What is the function of secretors vesicles inside a cell? Correct A. Eve proteins between the Googol apparatus and the plasma membrane Question 11 Besides mutation, which of the following is important in generating phenotypes differences? D. Sexual reproduction Question 12 Structures which are fully developed in one group of organisms but reduced or possibly nonfunctional in a similar group are referred to as C. Vestigial structures. Question 13 Which of the following did Darwin suggest was the mechanism for evolution? C. Natural selection Question 14 This individual’s essay on population stated that populations tend to increase faster than the supply of food:

A. Malthusian Question 15 If you were looking for fossils, in which of the following types of rocks would you expect to find them? E. Sedimentary Question 16 You are studying different species of salamanders which are separated by a hot and dry valley, and fossil evidence indicates that these two species share a common ancestor. Based on this information you could conclude that these two species evolved due to E. Allophonic speciation. Question 17 When two species live in the same area but are active at different times of the day or year it is referred to as B. Immoral isolation. Question 18 Reproductive barriers of various avian species This figure shows various reproductive barriers which prevent the interbreeding of different species. What does “c” represent? B. Temporal isolation Question 19 interbreeding of different species. What does “b” represent? B. Posthypnotic isolation mechanisms Question 20 If you were studying the process which prevents a zygote from forming you would be studying which of the following? C.

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Precocity isolation mechanisms Question 21 The balance used to record the weight of the kernels of corn measured to a: Incorrect B. Tenth Of a gram Question 22 Measuring corn types at 3 levels of infestation repeated 3 times resulted in how many data points? B. 36 Question 23 BIT-corn is a transgenic organism by definition because Of which Of the following reasons: C. DNA from Bacillus thirstiness is inserted into the corn’s genome. Question 24 Corn plants have all but which of the following characteristics? D.

They are naturally resistant to CB infestations Question 25 What does it mean when a plant is a BIT-plant? D. The Bacillus thirstiness gene for Cry protein has been inserted into the plants genome. Question 26 If CB became resistant to Bacillus thirstiness all but which of the following might happen? C. Bacillus thirstiness concentrations in the soil would increase. Question 27 Graph of average yields under three levels of infestation Above is a graph of the average yield for “none”,” IOW’ and “high” infestations for the four corn types.

Refer to the graph. What two types of corn produced the most similar yields under “IoW’ infestation levels? D. BIT 456 and Golden crop non-BIT Question 28 Above is a graph of the average yield for “none”,” IoW’ and “high” infestations Reading the graph, which corn type was impacted the least by a low infestation of CB? C. BIT 123 Question 29 Explain what both pupae and larvae mean. Model Short Answer: The pupae is the structure in which adult moths emerge. Larvae hatch from eggs that adult moths lay on leaves.

Comment: Pupae are insects in their inactive immature form between larva and adult Question 30 Why do scientists want to create Bit corn? Model Short Answer: A Bit corn plant produced Bit Cry protein insecticide, which then protects the plan from infection by insects Question 2 of 30 All of the ecosystems on Earth are collectively known as the biosphere. True Question 4 of 30 Which of the following is not a characteristic of all living organisms? D. Sexual Reproduction Question 5 of 30 A possible explanation for a natural event is known as E. A hypothesis.

Question 7 of 30 A student wants to study the process of protein synthesis. What cell structure should he focus on? A. Ribosome Question 8 of 30 Which castellated structures on the lining of the respiratory tract are needed to sweep dust and debris away? B. Cilia Question 11 of 30 The equation pa + ops + q = 1 describe ? A. The genotype and allele frequency of a population. Question 12 of 30 The population s the total alleles of all the genes in all the members of a C. Gene pool Question 14 Of 30 Danni sailed around the world on the ship named the HAMS C.

Beagle Question 15 of 30 A type of nonrandom mating that occurs when individuals tend to mate with those having the same phenotype with respect to certain characteristics is referred to as B. Assertive mating. Question 16 of In some rare cases, mules are fertile, but their offspring are infertile. This is an example of reproductive isolation due to A. PA fitness. Question 18 of 30 When two closely related but separate species are crossed, their offspring are usually C. Sterile. D. Posthypnotic isolation mechanisms Question 21 of 30 What is the main question the lab experiment is designed to answer?

B. How does the CB affect the yield of corn compared to BIT-corn? How many times was each corn type at each level of infestation tested? B. Three Which of the following is not a characteristic of Bacillus thirstiness? B. It is a stomach poison for humans. Question 24 of 30 When animals eat the kernels Of BIT-corn they are: C. Being exposed to the Cry protein Question 25 of 30 What is the mechanism of action of the Cry protein produced from Bacillus harnessing? C. It poisons the stomachs of the CB.

Question 26 of 30 Which corn type demonstrated the most resistance to the CB at high infestation? A. BIT 123 Question 27 of 30 If you compared one pot of Super Harvest non-BIT with no infestation to one pot of BIT 123 with no infestation, you would expect the yield of each pot to be within about how many grams? D. OSI Question 28 of 30 What is the reason for averaging the three weights measured for each level of infestation for each of the corn types? D. To reduce the individual variability of plants under each experimental notation Question 29 of 30 What is photosynthesis?

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