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The Head Prefect of the school has been asked to write a report to the principal on the types of indiscipline among students and measures to be taken to curb the problem. The report identifies various types of indiscipline, such as vandalism, fighting, truancy, and stealing. The report also identifies several causes of indiscipline, such as the school environment, peer influence, lack of interest in studies, and family problems. The report suggests various measures to overcome the problem of indiscipline, such as close monitoring by teachers, counseling sessions for students, stricter rules, and involving parents in the process. The Head Prefect hopes that the principal will take the report seriously and consider all the suggestions made.

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As the Head Prefect of my school, have been asked to write a report to the school Principal on the types of indiscipline, causes and measures to be taken to curb the problem among students. There are many types of indiscipline done by the students. Firstly, students tend to be vandalizing school properties.

They go around the school storing TABLEs, chairs, toilet doors and drawing words and negative images on the walls around the school. Some students also tend to be fighting against each other. Winning a fight is considered as great victory for them. Next, there are also students who are playing truant, making the school to be a meaningless institution for them. They come to school anytime and mayday they like without thinking of the consequences. Finally, some students are also involved in stealing. They do not only steal things from their friends but also stealing school properties.

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These problems are really worrying. There are many causes that can be linked to these problems. Firstly, the school environment itself. The environment itself does not promote a ‘discipline free’ atmosphere. These problematic students usually carry out their ‘duty’ during recess time or whenever no teacher and prefects are around. There is nobody watching over them, enabling them to do these school crimes. When they are caught, they CNN get away with very light punishment which do not teach them enough lesson.

Another cause if because of peer influence. They mingle up with the wrong group of students, and they are lured into creating problems in the school to be among their circle of friends. Students are into these discipline problems also because they are lack of interest in studies. When they go to school, their main aims are not to gain knowledge and study for their future, but instead to create situations which brings more problems each day. Last but not least, the cause can also be because of family problems.

Students with broken families, or arenas who are to busy working, neglecting their roles as guardians make the students to express their tension and negative feelings by creating problems at school. There are many ways to overcome this matter. Firstly, there should be close monitoring from teachers for the problematic students who are involved in the indiscipline problems. They cannot just neglect or close an eye on these students. Next, the students should be sent for consoling sessions and talks from motivators to help them be better, changing into a more positive attitude.

The school should also implement stricter rules and carry out heavier punishments on students who commit discipline problems. Lastly, the school should involve parents whenever their children are involved in any wrongdoings, so that they are in the know of what their children are doing at school and can work together with the school to overcome the matter. I hope you can take this report seriously and consider all the suggestions made.

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