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St. Jude's Research Hospital – Persuasive Speech

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Introduction: “Shortly after Hayden’s fifth birthday, he began having headaches and nausea. At first, the doctor thought he had migraines and asked his mother to keep a record of when his head hurt. After only a short period of time, Hayden’s headaches grew more frequent. Then, he began having trouble with the vision in his right eye causing him to see double. It was at this point, his mother knew there was a bigger issue at hand. Hayden was referred to an ophthalmologist for further testing.

When the doctor examined Hayden’s eyes closely, he saw abnormal swelling and immediately ordered a CT scan. The results were upsetting: There was a mass on Hayden’s brain. He underwent surgery to remove the tumor, after which a biopsy …show more content…

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St. Jude's Research Hospital – Persuasive Speech
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They are one of the best employers as a research and learning hospital. St. Jude’s Research Hospital follows the Better Business Bureau “Wise Giving Alliance Standards for Charity Accountability”.

This means that St. Jude’s Research Hospital fully discloses basic information about their services and their fundraising. There is nothing to hide! You have a right as the consumer and donor to ask those questions and you can find that information. What are the differences between St. Jude’s and other charities? Most charities focus on one key marketing or fundraising area. St. Jude’s target for marketing fundraising is far larger than most charities. Their target; preschoolers, professionals, 8th graders and 80 year olds, television, radio, local drives, school drives, trike-a-thons, math-a-thons, local, county, state and national events. Some of the big ones that you may be familiar with; the “Dream Home Giveaway”, the “Thanks and Giving Campaign” and the radio-a-thon “Country Cares”. Because of last year’s St. Jude’s NFL event, 18% of American’s said they planned to support St. Jude’s “Thanks and Giving Campaign” during this past holiday season. No opportunity is turned away. Comparing St. Jude’s Research Hospital with other powerhouse charities such as The Susan G Koman foundation and American Cancer Society here are a few facts to consider: * The CEO for The Susan G Koman Foundation doesn’t make any .

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