Statement of Purpose: My Interest in Finance Department

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The corporate and financial services industry has experienced remarkable growth, offering numerous opportunities to apply innovative principles, methodologies, tools, and practices in finance. I am highly interested in gaining expertise in this demanding sector. As for my educational background, I have consistently excelled academically since my early school days. During both my schooling and university education, I earned scholar badges and merit certificates for exceptional performance. My academic accomplishments consistently ranked me among the top 5% of students.

My passion for mathematics and computers inspired me to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering, resulting in a GPA of 3.75 on a 4-point scale.

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Finance has always intrigued me since my days in college. I am intrigued by this field because it is prevalent in my family, with both my father and brother having finance degrees. I have a natural inclination towards subjects that involve problem solving, analysis, and mathematics. Consequently, I am eager to merge my passion for finance with my proficiency in these areas.

I am highly interested in exploring finance and gaining specialized knowledge in the areas of corporate finance or managerial finance.


Throughout my engineering undergraduate studies, I dedicated myself to building a solid understanding of mathematics and honing my computer skills. This rigorous program equipped me with the problem-solving abilities and analytical proficiency necessary for thriving in the finance industry. My coursework encompassed Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Probability, and Statistics, significantly augmenting my mathematical prowess.

My computer skills include using Spreadsheets software like Lotus 1-2-3 and MS Excel, Analytical Software such as MATLAB, Mathematica, and Maple, as well as Financial software like QuickBooks, MS Accounting, and MS Money. I am also skilled in programming languages including C, C++, and Java.

In my second year of study, I worked on an E-Banking Solution for a local commercial bank which provided me with exposure to the financial services industry. This experience was further enhanced by an internship at the same bank. Additionally, my understanding of finance grew through my third-year undergraduate course on Engineering Economics and Management.

I have taken short courses in Accounting, Finance, and Business Management. In addition to this, I intend to enhance my abilities by enrolling in refresher courses in Mathematics. These courses will prove advantageous for my future studies in the challenging field of Finance.


Aside from my academic pursuits, I have also engaged in a variety of extra-curricular activities. This includes my roles as a Community Mobilizer and Polling Staff during the Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Afghanistan in 2004 and 2005, respectively. Furthermore, I participated as a volunteer worker from my university in fund raising efforts for the earthquake victims in Northern Pakistan.

I have conducted voluntary work at the Afghan Geodesy and Cartography Head Office (AGCHO), a government department responsible for providing maps for construction infrastructure in Afghanistan. This work involved setting up computer networks, installing software like Windows operating systems, Office tools, and GIS software. Additionally, I provided training to AGCHO staff on these software applications and English language skills. Moreover, I provided assistance to the Afghanistan Information Management Services (AIMS) in various roles.

Additionally, I volunteered with a local NGO, teaching students in English, Mathematics, and Science subjects. I also actively engage in recreational activities such as debate and sports competitions.


I desire to comprehend the extensive theoretical basis of finance, particularly the profound understanding of contemporary techniques in corporate finance. My goal is to combine my current skills with corporate finance knowledge to secure a challenging and fulfilling job in this field.

Gaining knowledge and skills will allow me to achieve my short-term career goals, which involve managing capital, fundraising, conducting mergers and acquisitions, and ensuring economic stability for corporations. Moreover, these abilities will positively impact the financial services industry by facilitating informed financial decisions that result in stability and high returns. In the future, I can utilize this expertise to support the Government of Afghanistan in developing and executing financial policies, supervising financing initiatives, as well as collaborating with the financial community and investors.

During my graduate studies in the UK, I hope to gain knowledge in various fields such as investment analysis, financial planning, strategic finance, international finance, and global financial markets.


Imagination is crucial for achieving success, as it enables us to transform our visions into reality and make a positive impact on others. This is especially significant when considering career prospects. While I had concerns about my professional opportunities in Pakistan, studying in the UK offers numerous promising avenues for personal growth, along with the opportunity to embrace challenges, reap rewards, and find fulfillment.

This has inspired me to contemplate pursuing additional studies at your university. I have realized that this is merely the initial stage in accomplishing a larger aspiration. It would not only be captivating, but also gratifying as it corresponds with my professional objectives. Above all, it motivates me to aspire for more. The education at UK provides an exceptional chance for both swift personal growth and the capability to pursue demanding career trajectories, whether through continuous learning or assuming greater responsibilities.


Just like Aristotle had a positive influence on young Alexander, the reputation of the university we graduate from will also define us.

The Finance department at your University is a thriving academic community, offering a wide range of studies and fostering a dynamic atmosphere for learning. Within this department, my specialized area is flourishing under the guidance of exceptional pioneers in an outstanding environment. It is for these reasons that I eagerly anticipate the selection and admission committees to help me transform my passion into tangible skills – enabling me to not only gain knowledge about the workings of finance, but also understand its practical application. I am grateful for this opportunity to express myself.

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