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Reflection sister Stella l

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Labor, politics and religion are the issues that come in conflict in Sister Stella L. The film depicts different kind of disputes that the labor union members are experiencing. Also showed strike outs of workers and injustice among the employers and employees.

The film was about the labor dispute in a local oil industry in Barrio Aguho. Sister Stella Bautista is a nun that helped fought Unfair Labor Practices and she asked help from Sister Stella Legaspi about this issue to settle these disputes peacefully among the employers and employees.

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Reflection sister Stella l
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After asking Sister Stella L, she then joined the strike that was led by Ka Dencio, he was the president of the Labor Union. Sister Stella L joined the strike outs because she believed that it could help the workers in settling their dispute among the management and the corporate officials. She wanted to help the workers and labor union members in fulfilling their labor rights. Thus, the corporate officials were threatened by the strike outs of the labor union members.

The management then started to harass and threatened the lives of the labor union members.

After all the threatening, the management decided to kill Ka Dencio for he was the leader of the labor unions and they thought killing him would stop all the strike outs the workers are having. But with what happened with Ka Dencio, the labor union members along with Sister Stella L still fought all the way through to fulfill their labor rights and asked for justice in the murder of Ka Dencio.

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