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Stem Cell Research Proposal

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  • Pages 2
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    The side against human embryonic stem cell research says that a human being is a human being at any rate or stage of maturity it is in. As a society we should always make sure to protect all human life no matter what. The side for human embryonic Stem cell research says that there is a clear difference between human embryos and human beings, and that it is important to use the cells in medical research to benefit the human races quality of life. Human embryonic stem cell research is crucial in the search for curing many of the world} medical conditions.

    A condition like Alchemist’s disease which has no cure, there is hoping that trough stem cell research it may be one day possible to cure the disease. Stem cell research could also effectively cure other degenerative diseases like Alchemies;. As a society we have the opportunity to possibly cure millions of people life deteriorating medical conditions by doing nothing more than harvesting and procuring human embryonic stem cells. We as a society should be compelled to further the research on these cells for the benefits that may come from it

    The ethical and moral controversy about this type of research may never cease because of its nature, this is why it must be federally funded and regulated. Federal oversight would set in place specific procedures and guidelines that must be followed in order to assure that researchers do not cross any moral or ethical boundaries. Doing so would also help to curb the concerns of those who are against this type of research. There is still so much research to be done on stem cells to fully understand and realize the mass mounts of possible benefits and/or consequences we are yet to unveil.

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