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    Stop Stealing Songs Essay, Research Paper

    Have you dreamed that you could acquire your favourite creative person fs vocals such as Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones, and Beatles without any payment? The dream has come true: Napster, an on-line music sharing soft. It enables its users to download music files through the Internet, which means that every bit long as one music lover has a computing machine and connexion to the Internet, the music lover can acquire popular vocals, classical music, and even national anthems. One Cadmium costs about 15 dollars, but Napster does non necessitate its users to pay because the users are merely borrowing and imparting their music files with each other. This is merely like a dream. I do non even cognize how much money I have spent to listen to my favourite instrumentalists.

    The dream, Napster, has attracted over 80 1000000s of music fans all over the universe since it was made in 1999, harmonizing to USA Today. Unfortunately it has besides caught music companies f attending and Napster was sued. The conflict between the music companies and Napster, which pretends to be a christ for music fans who complain about Cadmium monetary values or merely desire vocals free, were likely to be the lose of Napster and, in fact, it was. The Supreme Court ordered Napster to restrict its service and the restriction of the service has been performed; nevertheless, this is non plenty. Napster should wholly halt its service because it is, in world, go againsting the right of first publications, users are non paying creative persons, and it can botch the hereafter of on-line music and films distribution.

    Napster is surely go againsting the right of first publications. An alibi that is frequently generated by the music stealing users is that they do non administer music files that they have, but they merely borrow and impart the files among the users, so they are non go againsting the right of first publications. Even though personal music trading, which has been often done among music consumers since the innovation of tapes and CD degree Fahrenheits, may non pique against the jurisprudence and, as a consequence, the users may non be lawbreakers of the right of first publications, Napster is non the same instance. It offers a topographic point to merchandise music files for over 80 1000000s of the users. Is it possible for a individual to cognize over 80 1000000s of users to warrant the usage of Napster, stating gThis is merely a personal trading H? If it is possible, they may non be stealing vocals and their alibi does work, but in fact it is non. Trading vocals among over 80 1000000s of the users can non be regarded as a personal trading because they do non cognize from who they are borrowing music files and who is imparting the music files to them. The graduated table of Napster is excessively big to warrant the alibi. Besides, another ground is present. If the trading vocals among over 80 1000000s of the users were merely personal trades, Napster itself could go against the right of first publications. The job is this inquiry, gIs the trade that has an bureau regarded as a personal one? H Of class, in this instance the bureau is Napster, which offers the topographic point to merchandise the users f music files. The reply is non because evidently the trading is done with a 3rd party. Without Napster, the users can non acquire any vocals through the Internet.

    The 2nd job that Napster has is that it does non pay instrumentalists. Making music and selling it is the manner to do a life of the instrumentalists, so if all the music funs did non buy CD degree Fahrenheits, how the instrumentalists can feed themselves? It is non merely the instance of the instrumentalists. It is applied for all occupations, tradesmans, mill workers, and applied scientists. Paying for those who worked to do something or service clients is an indispensable portion of the economic system, including the workers f lives and even others f life. If doing something and working did non allow workers gain, non merely the workers would non be able to do a life, but besides the society would be about dead. The users do non believe about the fact. They merely complain that Cadmium monetary values are excessively expensive and the music companies are rip offing the users, T

    biddy they regard themselves as combatants for the evil music companies non to destroy the hereafter of music and instrumentalists. Ironically, one amusing thing here is that who are destroying the hereafter of music and instrumentalists are the users of Napster. As I already mentioned, paying for the service, including everything related with doing money, is an indispensable portion of the society, so what is traveling to go on to their favourite instrumentalists, if the users do non pay? gA rate of 15 cents a vocal would be equal to or greater than what most creative persons receive from every Cadmium sold H ( Cracker-Sound off! ) . This is one web site that opposes to Napster says. Let me cipher how much money the creative persons are losing. Suppose half of the users, about 40 1000000s of the users, use Napster and download merely one vocal a twenty-four hours. The estimated sum of money the users are stealing is six 100 thousand dollars per twenty-four hours. These computations have no concrete information and the sum may be lower or even higher, but the of import thing is that, at least, the harm for the music companies and creative persons is non small, but immense.

    The concluding ground that Napster should halt its service is that they can destruct the hereafter of the on-line distribution of music and films. The Internet is so convenient that it enables clients to buy books, apparels, and even autos while they are in their place. The lone one job that the online shopping has is that it is fundamentally non so different from catalog shopping, offering many sorts of merchandises such as apparels, furniture, and electrical contraptions, which means it requires some manner of bringing. On the contrary, on-line music and films distribution does non. I am one of those who want life to be more convenient. I am one of those who like music and believe it is better to acquire vocals through the Internet for the affair of clip spent to travel to shops to buy CDs. However, the manner to acquire vocals should non be Napster. The ground has been stated. It is go againsting the right of first publications. If Napster is non banned, who wants to sell vocals or films through Internet? If they sell music and films on Internet, the consequence will be obvious: buccaneering. Consequently, no 1 will be ready to administer music and films online, which will be perchance a new manner of selling those sorts of amusement contents. The users of Napster and Napster itself do non care about it. They are stealing vocals and destructing the hereafter of the on-line amusement thorough their selfish desire.

    Even though there are some ways to let Napster be alive such as commanding the sum of vocals downloaded, it will non work because gThat sort of centralised control is anathema to Napster users, who have flocked at that place mostly because of the huge and turning array of music available for copying. H ( Mercury News ) One good thing Napster has brought is that it has awakened the music companies and instrumentalists to the importance of security accompanied by the online music distribution. Now, the clip to go cognizant of it has been over. It is the clip to state good-by to Napster, which has contributed to the music industry in some manner. I like music. I respect the instrumentalists. Even if I feel Cadmium monetary values are excessively expensive, I will pay the instrumentalists and the companies every bit long as I want to listen to music. That is the duty of music fans. Now, it is the clip to give up Napster.

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