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The Issue of Suicide in Today’s Society

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In today’s society, more and more people debate whether or not humanity becoming to accept euthanasia. This means that individuals haven’t been sure how a terminally ill person can be helped. Having been made a great progression in medicine, is this action ethical and doctors are legalized to assist somebody who suffers a lot, or is it more humane to wait for new medical solutions and remedies that could be effect on a revival.

A closer look shows that there are positive and negative aspects to consider about this complicated problem.

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The Issue of Suicide in Today’s Society
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On the one hand, many believe that life is a gift, that science has been progressed and theoretically none of the doctors know, indeed whether a totally ill patient is conscious to decide for a longer expectancy of life or not. In addition they are being controverted because no one has the right to medically assist death of somebody, either actually or passively; it is assumed as an illegal action even if there is a lot of pain for them.

They are being opposed legislation of this issue because if this had happened, several people might have acted in this way especially these who feel depressed or alienated form the society.

Instead of those opinions, the constituents believe that the more life in a vegetative state, the more cruelled treatment is being happened. They try to support laws about the right to die for those patients who suffer from an irreversible disease or illness and consequently haven’t got the ability to control their body. Perhaps this situation has as service for human beings the adjustment of their strong pain with a willingness of a death with dignity. Some countries have been established regulations which protect doctors from prosecution, when they help people, who tortured from diseases like Alzheimer or strong heart attacks, to die.

Finally the distance from saying that a medically based suicide is a murder is far away from the truth, but it is possible for us to recognize that euthanasia is a huge problem with difficult solutions. Our community has to confront this dilemma in a similar way of a healthier life prolongation with the possibility of transplantation.

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The Issue of Suicide in Today’s Society. (2018, Jun 10). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/suicide/

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