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Save Teen Lives

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    Our country’s, teen suicide rate is increasing dramatically, and we should do something about it. Suicide is commonly called killing oneself or taking one’s life. Do you know someone who has tried to try or committed suicide? Can you imagine what they have been going through? In the United States, there has been an increase in the suicide rate by 33 percent between 1999 and 2017 (Teen Suicide). Teens are more likely to commit suicide because of depression, anxiety, stress, bullying, social isolation, academic pressure, peer pressure, and family problems. They believe committing suicide is the way to get out of any hard situation that they are going through. People should work together to reduce the teens’ suicide because suicide is the second leading cause of death for teenagers, social media has a big impact on teen suicide, and we need to help them with their inner emotions. Suicide is preventable if every one of us is working together to stop this. Many teens do not want to die. They only want to stop their pain, but they had no choice because there is no one that they could talk to and who would actually listen to them. Suicide rates among teens have increased during the twenty-first century. Organizations, teachers, parents, and peers should help prevent teen suicide by raising awareness that suicidal tendencies are treatable and communicating this through educational programs, social media and smartphone campaigns, and appropriate films or self-awareness guide.

    Opponents say that suicide is contagious. One suicide can increase the risk of other suicides. If one person sees the other person committing suicide, that other person is also likely to commit suicide because of what they see and go through. In the Colorado Springs, Colorado, more than two dozen kids killed themselves in less than two years; the main reason why they committed suicide was “another kid did it first” (Kutner). Teens are all giving up on their lives and committing suicide because they think it would be a solution to their problem when it is only temporary. Teenagers are committing suicide due to harassment and bullying in their school or outside of school. Teens nowadays want to become popular in their schools, so they start doing how the popular kids are doing and thinking that they would become popular like them. They all have struggles in their lives.

    Despite what opponents might think, teen suicide is preventable through educational programs such as giving them strategies and programs that are designed especially for teens who are trying to commit or attempt suicide. “Schools can also reduce the risk of teen suicide by implementing strategies and programs designed to educate students and parents about mental health, depression, and stress” (Teen Suicide). There should be a class in school that teaches teenagers about how to overcome the difficulties by growing stronger and living better for each day. One of the most popular suicide prevention programs is called psycho-educational programs. “Psychoeducation is expected to reduce suicidality by increasing students’ understanding and recognition of symptoms in themselves and in others and by promoting more adaptive attitudes towards depression and suicidal behavior” (Portzky). People need to start paying attention to what they can do to help these suicidal kids, and “there are programs out there that can help” to reduce the risk of suicide (Ollove). Having a close friend is one of the best ways to let your feelings out because you can talk to them anytime you need without embarrassment when something happens. People who have depression often talk about suicide as a joke, but it should be taken seriously. Parents have a big impact on their children, such as giving them pressure or emotional and physical abuse.

    Opponents say that adolescents are more unprotected to the negative effects of using the smartphone or social media because they are carelessly welcoming new technologies into their lives (Kim). Overusing smartphones can be risky for young adults even including their mental health problems. It could have a negative impact on they are well being to those who spend more time on electronic communication and less time on non-screen activities (Kim). Young adults who are addicted to smartphones can lead to depression and anxiety. They also become lazy, and they stay in their room all the time, and they do not connect with the real world, instead, they connect with the other world which is social media. “The major problems of suicidal behavior as well as conflicts with family conflicts with friends, and poor academic performance should be addressed in adolescents with high smartphone use” (Kim). Depression is one of the biggest causes when it comes to committing suicide, and it can get worse if there is no treatment for it. Smartphones and social media has become very irresistible for teens that some teens cannot even live smartphone for one hour. According to Tanner, teens’ use of electronic devices including smartphones for at least five hours daily, and 70 percent are more likely to have suicidal thoughts or actions than those who use one hour or less daily.

    Despite what opponents might think, smartphones or social media are useful if you use them effectively in whatever you are doing such as researching or watching the news. “Smartphones are useful for multiple purposes, including general productivity enhancement, information seeking, social interaction, diversion, relaxation, and entertainment” (Kim). The smartphone could help teens who are having depression over time by learning or watching something effective for them to grow. There are a lot more things to learn on social media for teens. They can use social media as their best friends when they feel lonely by finding something funny to watch or do. “The effective strategies are needed to prevent high smartphone use-related adverse mental health outcomes” (Kim). By using social media, organizations, teachers, and people around the teens could help reduce the risk of suicide because they can make an advertisement on teens suicide and talk about how you can prevent it from happening, and how you can over all the difficulties.

    Opponents say that movies or films about suicide could cause suicide contagion among teens. Teens usually follow what they see and what they here, and they do not observe more about what it truly is. They start doing if other people are doing, thinking that it is cool, and they might become popular. The film “13 Reasons Why” has caused many teens to commit suicide. “An estimated 13% increase in suicide among children and teens, ages 10 to 19, occurred in the three months after the show’s release” (Suicide uptick occurred among teens). Movies or films are what cause the most for teens to follow their steps whether good or bad, and some has bad influence for the teens. Many movies and films are ruining teens’ lives. Movies could be entertaining for some teens, but it could also cause some teens to have negative effects. For example, if teens watches a movie about superheroes or superman, seeing them having all those power and making people happy, they would like to try and do it too. But when they cannot do it, that is when reality will hit them hard, and they will start doubting themselves, and having suicidal thoughts.

    Despite what opponents say, watching inspirational or appropriate movies or films can reduce the risk of suicide. Inspirational movies or books make teens build their lives stronger with faith and belief. “To Save a Life” is a movie which has encouraged many teens to become stronger and spiritually and physically (Asay). If people start watching movies that inspire them, their life will change somehow in a time. The “To Save a Life” movie “actively applies biblical principles to serious subjects teens struggle with every day,” and by watching the movie, teens can feel secure of themselves (Asay).

    What is more important is that organizations should help with teens lives who are struggling because of what they are facing. Teachers could also be a big impact on teens because they are the ones who are teaching them in their path way of life. Parents have the authority to talk to their child when they notice something is wrong with them. By talking to them, you will know how they feel and what insecurities they have. Having close friends make life easier because most of the times, they will be the one who you can count on. Friends listen to everything you have to say, and they will make you feel comfortable and safe around them.

    Organizations, teachers, parents, and peers should help prevent teen suicide by raising awareness that suicidal tendencies are treatable and communicating this through educational programs, social media and smartphone campaigns, and appropriate films or self-awareness guide.

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