The Impact of Video Games

The author continues to emphasis that on utilitarian grounds that video games provides billions of hours to millions of people of fun and entertainment evidently outweighing the potential harm it can cause. In addition to the positives, gaming fuels economy, promotes new technology and it’s documented that it improves visual perception, hand-eye coordination, space cognition and motor skills (p. 130-131). Schulz addressed empirical claims that games have the capacity to train players on how to kill (p. 131), to be less empathetic (p,132), and cause to perform violent acts (p. 134).

He says that these arguments are weak, lack evidence and without basis as actions performed in games requires a high similarity in the real world. Using a mouse to aim and shoot is completely different from holding a gun (p. 132). Furthermore, crime rates decreased since 1992 in which games are most violent. Finally, FBI investigation reveals that the Columbine shooting was not the cause Of two teenagers playing a game called Doom (p. 134). The author disagrees with censorship and heavy regulation regarding the content Of a game. He says that violence depends on how a player chooses to act in the game.

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By regulating video games jeopardizes basic liberties and the opponents claims are reinvading and lack consistency. If this was the case competitive sports should be banned as they are more dangerous than video games (p. 135-136). Schulz expressed a strong and defensible argument supported with a range of academic sources, He acknowledges that playing violent games has consequences but until the negatives outweighs the positives and games become so sophisticated that the accusations made are supported and proven the debate over the moral status of video games is far from over (p. 36-137). Lashes, R camp; Gao, Y. 009, ‘Future perspective on Next Generation e-Sports Infrastructure and Exploring Their Benefits’ International Journal tot Sports Science and Engineering Vale, 3 Issue l, up_027 – 033 Lashes and Sago’s article explores future perspective on e-Sports infrastructure and potential future benefits in the field of education, training, learning and physical activities.

She outlines technical factors that influence e-Sports and technical developments needed for the future of the gaming industry (app) The authors’ states that the growth of e-sports relies on the advancement in broadband internet and inactivity thus leading to the rise Of networked games such as UPS and MOM and the creation of in-game advertising. Furthermore, this created an avenue for professional gaming and dedicated TV channels allowing pro-gamers to receive a salary and a fan base.

They claim that in Korea the e-sports industry is promising as pro-gamers are treated like celebrities competing in arenas in front of enthusiastic crowds where they speculate a live game displayed on giant TV screens (up. 27-28). Lashes and Gao says that the future of e. Sports is bright with multi-national corporation developing new technology.

They describe next- gene game servers and WAG notebooks that have the ability to provide fast, secure, flexible and high-performance gaming across any network environment and devices which can be accessed 24/7. Furthermore, this could be used for the most prestigious e-sport competition (World Cyber Games) creating a flexible, stable and dependable competition environment across the whole event (up. 28-29), The authors emphasizes that pervasive games are popular due to their portability.

People normally play on their mobile phones during their free time; revealing in buses and trains, They say that currently computer games does not adapt a common feature in pervasive games such as integrating physical and virtual worlds since interactivity is important in games as it adds excitement which would result in players to be physically concerned rather psychologically in future developments in robotics, real-time systems, sensors and actuators. Additionally, ultra-wideband Radio games would focus on the mental rather the physical as it uses limited-resource spectrum by adapting to Wireless channels and N.B.,fork environments (up. 8-29). Lashes and Gao points out that the -sports industry is beneficial in education and learning as researchers have observed that players involved in video games such as Ammo’s evoke effects of confidence, exploratory behaviors, enjoyment, distorted time perception and greater learning. They assert that video games have an educational potential in enhancing skills in literacy, attention, reaction time and higher-level thinking. Furthermore, e-sports main application can be incorporated as a virtual classroom where students and teachers can perform game analysis in real. Mime (p . 30). Lashes and Gao believes that e-sports should he global due to its infinite. They say that challenges by e-sports industries and sponsors needs to be discussed such as creating rules and regulations to create a smooth, healthy and internationally recognized gaming environment. The e-sports industry has a bright future and garner designers, academicians and researchers needs to look forward to the next generation game tot e-sports (p. 31). Bach, P. And Jordan, C. 2006, ‘At a crossroads: video game addiction’ Crossroads Vale, 13 No. P. 2-2 Bach and Cordon’s magazine article seeks to alert readers the reality of video game addiction; they compare it to gambling and drug addiction. They express the dangers and negative impact on the lives of game addicts and the people around them (p. 2). The authors describe video games as fun, entertaining and a stress reliever and we know at least one person who plays video games for many hours. They differentiate between an addict and a casual gamer is the ability to stop playing at a game at any moment (Pl).

Bach and Jordan emphasizes the dangers of video gaming addiction using an example of a man who died due to heart failure and exhaustion, a direct result Of playing a computer game for fifty hours straight taking only a few breaks. Furthermore, the imprison Of video gaming addiction to gambling addiction where adolescents surveyed shows that they were ‘pathological players’, spending beyond their means; spending lunch money, borrowing stealing and selling their possessions to play (p . 2).

The authors acknowledge that it’s difficult to detect symptoms of video game addiction if it’s happening to ourselves or someone we know. They point out the fact that society sees a norm to be in front of a computer for six hours or more every day because it has been a requirement in our lives might it be for school or work, Although, no research exist to answer if gaming ND being in front of a computer has the same addictive effects (p. 2). Bach and Jordan points out that video game addiction symptoms on students are the ones that rarely show up to class and talks about playing games such as ‘The Simi”.

In addition to this they claim that another symptom would be someone who has been faltering at school or work due to playing games (p. 2). The author implores us that video game addiction should be taken seriously and it’s not a joke, They express their concern that if we suspect someone of being addicted is to get help as soon as possible (p. 2). The authors express their concern about video game addiction and its reality. Although they said it can happen to anyone they are mostly focusing on teenagers and students as audience.

They educate readers that help is available in forms Of counseling free for students in universities and the difficult part is to get the person to agree to such treatment, being the worst result is doing nothing at all (p. 2). Reference 1 Quite simply, these are: first, video game violence exposure has a learning. Based causal influence on subsequent serious aggression; second, individuals with high evils of a priori aggression are subsequently drawn to video game violence or; third that any correlation between the video game playing and aggression is due to underlying third variables. Hat video game violence exposure at TTL would prospectively predict serious acts of aggression at TO, no evidence was found to support this hypothesis either in the regression analyses for the seven outcome measures, or for the path analysis using the composite aggression score. Poor criminal behaviors (both violent and non-violent), although no direct effects of video games or television violence were seen, total media violence institution interacted with antisocial traits Interestingly, for children with low antisocial traits, media violence exposure was associated with less criminal behavior.

Only for the most antisocial children was media violence exposure associated With more violent crimes. Perspective that aggression and video game violence have little causal impact on each other, In conclusion, the current study finds no evidence to support a long-term relationship between video game via. Lance use and subsequent aggression. Although debates about video game violence effects on player aggression are keel to continue for some time, it is suggested that the degree of certainty and statements regarding the strength of causal effects should be revised in a conservative direction.

Naturally, video games are an unlikely cause this youth violence decline (to conclude otherwise would be to indulge in the ecological fallacy), however these results suggest a mismatch between public fears of violent video games and actual trends in youth violence, Reference 3 Video game violence avgas not related to child or parent reported pathological aggression.

In abbreviate correlations, video game violence use was related to educed dating violence; however, this relationship did not hold once other vary- abeles were controlled. These results confirm expectations by other scholars that any links between video games and aggression are merely the byproduct Of Other processes occurring in the life of the child. Although there is strong evidence that violent video games (and violent media in general) can change the way people think, this psychological cognitive level of effect is clearly not compelling to the Court. Although thoughts are related to actions, they are neither necessary nor sufficient. In fact, even if violent games id necessarily change children’s actions every time, such as by making them bully their siblings, the Court admits that it would only be a start.

Nevertheless, although such cross+sectional data do not, by themselves, demonstrate a causal relation between violent video game exposure and violent criminal behavior, they rule out the alternative explanation that the sass- conation is merely the result of a confound with some other indicator of antisocially (in the current models, psychopaths and other important correlates of delinquency and youth violence). At a min- uranium, the present results-?in combination with there robust findings on video games and aggression (Anderson et al. 2010) -?suggest that violent video game exposure may be one risk factor for deli- quench and violent criminal behavior among juvenile justice-involved youth in addition to being a risk factor for lower level aggressive behaviors, Youth with pre-existing psychopathology are particularly at risk for the deleterious effects of violent video games, and much more research is needed on correctional samples of youth to ascertain the severity Of violent video games and related media factors as risk factors for their behavioral problems.

Reference 4 The narrowing gap between video games and reality, in terms of graphics at least, has resulted in increased concerns that playing violent games may increase destructive behavior in youth and gamers in general. These studies… Do not prove that violent video games cause minors to act aggressively… [instead] they show at best some correlation between exposure to violent enter- attainment and minuscule real-world effects. First, that children who play violent video games are more likely to engage in violent or otherwise deviant behavior (a correlation). Given prior research on the abject that has found such a correlation (e. . , Sherry, 2001), it can be expected that this hypothesis will likely be supported. Second, that playing violent video games increases the likelihood of engaging in violent or devil- ant behaviors (causation Given the lack of significance for most of the tested causal real- kinship, these findings suggest that assumptions made by the popular media and by policy- makers may be exaggerated at best and erroneous at worst. Though the results do not entirely dismiss a potential link With violence, they also clearly do not how the level of support that correlation-based research has shown.

Thus, these findings do not entirely support the abandonment Of efforts to control access to violent games by children. However, these findings also fail to provide more than weak support for the rational for such efforts. Thus, as policy-makers and courts move poniard in respectively creating and judging legislation designed to protect our children and society in general, these findings suggest the common assertion that there is a causal link between video games and violence is, if nothing else, highly suspect.

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