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System Analysis

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System Analysis
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Rod White



Scenario The text of the attached case study describes, in outline, the main activities of the BIFHE organisation. At present the systems that support these activities are all paper based, i.e. they rely on all the data being held on paper files. The Senior Management Team of BIFHE have now realised that the operation and development of the organisation is being severely restricted by the limitations on their ability to use and maintain the data files.

The frequency and severity of the errors found is increasing alarmingly. They have decide that the time is right to consider the complete overhaul of their systems to enable them to operate more efficiently and effectively and to allow them to expand their products and services. You have been engaged to lead a small team of analysts, supported by representatives from within the organisation, to undertake a ‘root and branch’ investigation of the existing systems, and to come up with a proposal that will lead to the design and implementation of a new system to meet the declared aims and objectives.

Tasks. Use the information provided to respond to the tasks listed below. You can make any valid assumption where the level of detail provided is considered to be insufficient. In this event, you must state clearly what assumption you have made and why you have made it.

Task1. (Outcomes 1.1/1.2) To undertake the task outlined above, there are certain methodologies that could be used. These include the Systems Development Life Cycle or ‘Waterfall’ method and the method know as Rapid Applications Development (incorporating Prototyping). 1.1 Briefly describe each of these methodologies, indicating the main stages involved along with details of the function and purpose of each stage. 1.2 In light of your appraisal of these methodologies, select the one you consider to be most appropriate for use with the BIFHE project, clearly.

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