Significance of Customer Support Service for any Business

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Around 96 per cent of businesses in America could not survive through the first 10 years. There is not a single reason rather a multitude of reasons that lead to business failures. The most common concern observed among most of the failed businesses is poor customer service management.

Customers get frustrated when their small problems are not acknowledged due to unclear or scattered communication model, accompanied by slow or no follow up on their common questions. This is exactly what I notice and examine when I’m surfing through the internet to find a reliable internet connection that offers quality and quantity, both. One needs to carefully check the prices and packages while searching for a trustable internet provider. Most of them don’t care to provide support to their customers at the hour of need.

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No matter how prompt the email support system operates or how long their ‘live chat support’ runs on their website, you cannot deny the fact that human-to-human communication will always overshadow written or typed communication regardless of how informative, apt or instant response you get virtually. Call centers have the advantage of providing the impression of “always being there” whenever the customer needs the issue to be resolved – the reason why most of the contact centers now offer 24/7 support.

  • Contact Centers Strengthens Customer Trust And Customer Loyalty

Regardless of the constant growing trend of online shopping, about 49% of us are still hesitant of making online purchases. The purpose of customer support is making the customers feel heard and considered. Customers can vent their frustrations. Sometimes that is all what a customer needs. The fact that the department of customer services has proven very beneficial in a number of ways that now even small businesses are outsourcing these services to stay in the game. Because businesses dealing with massive customers cannot ignore how the customer’s experience with the company is, they keep promoting these departments.

  • Contact Centers Boost Sales and Avoid Lost Opportunities.

Retaining old and loyal customers is extremely economical than investing and acquiring new ones. Studies have shown that it takes about seven times extra efforts to entice new customers than to retain the existing traffic. Satisfied customers convert into devoted buyers when they find business reliable. Research also confirms that there is a good percentage of buyers that make existing customers come back to make a new purchase. Having a contact center brings a human factor to your business, regardless of its nature — either online or offline.

  • Call Centers Offer A Competitive Expansion.

Similarly, people prefer those companies that have an inactive customer support department compared to not having one at all. Then comes the comparison between email support, online live chat, contact centers – the list keeps on growing with every new day! Comparatively, call center always wins as it provides the support in real-time. This automatically makes any company more attractive and reliable than the rest of the competitors.

  • Call Centers Provide a Professional Image and Generate Endorsements

Loyal and satisfied consumers contribute in endorsing positive feedback indirectly by mentioning the brand’s name and directly, by leaving online reviews, strengthening their presence in the market. A satisfied customer on average is 10 times more worthy than they are after their first purchase. Polls have shown that people usually make purchasing decisions purely basing on the advice and suggestions from their social circles, instead of relying on advertisements. Almost 97 percent of the satisfied customers share their experience in their social circles and mention how their customer service experience was with them.

  • Helps You Save Business Money.

If we shed light on internal affairs of any business, having a credible name in the market as a brand and employer boosts your employees’ morale and positively influence the retention factor by converting them into company’s advocates outside. Moreover, when somebody works for an organization that provides excellent customer service, it indicates that the organization is focused on solving its internet as well as external issues. The employees of such organizations find themselves more involved in their work and naturally become an ambassador as soon as they step outside.


Summing up this write-up with 2 more statistics, 59 percent would try a new company to receive better customer service. 70 percent don’t mind spending extra money for a company which provides excellent customer support service. Exceptional customer service departments concentrate on treating their consumers’ great by timely answering their queries and concerns, ultimately surpassing most of their expectations. This interactive approach supports businesses when they engage with their customers and develops strong relationship.

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