Learning Topics

Guide to Online Learning Essay

The Essential Guide to Online Learning provides information on assisting online students with options to allow for a successful learning experience. Below are some strategies that I feel can be beneficial as a student. Planning- The pre-reading strategy can be a great asset as an online student. It can allow...

Learning and Practical Experience Essay

Education comes not from books, but from practical experience Education is the transmittance of knowledge or skills from a source to students and other learners. There are two ways of transmitting knowledge, via books or by offering practical experience. Unlike the practical experience that hands-on...

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Animal Farm “Intelligence and Education as a Means of Oppression” Essay

Anyone who has read “Animal farm” would agree that the pigs used the other animals’ lack of intelligence and education as a means of oppression, but is it possible to say that Napoleon and his most loyal follower, Squealer, educate the others so as to control them? Right from the beginning of the novel we...

Reflecting to Learn Essay

Stop, process, rearrange, configure and concur are all part of the process in Adult Learning. As adults we filter through our memory bank to perform checks and balances on new information to see if it lines up with our experiences. As we take a look at articles written by Sharan B Merriam, and Victor Wang we...

VARK Learning Style Essay

In 1987, Neil Fleming developed an inventory designed to help students and others learn more about their individual learning preferences. That invention is the VARK Assessment. “VARK is a questionnaire developed and used at Lincoln University, identifies the preferences of students for particular modes of...

Three reasons that computer is necessary for college students Essay

Nowaday, students need to have a large knowledge in many different areas. They study not only at school but also from various sources, for example: from internet, magazine, experimences… Computer is a popular media in all over the world. It is necessary for college students for three following major reasons:...

ISM – Independent Study Mentorship Essay

The Independent study mentorship program or better known as ISM is truly what it sounds, as it is an independent study in which the student is not only treated as a learner of the teacher, the ISM instructor, but yet accepted as a fellow thinker because independent research and an innovative approach is...

Advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad Essay

Ever since birth, learning kept us growing. Home education, nursery education, primary education and secondary education had played a great part in making us what we are today. For some of us, choices of tertiary education are more diversified but equally important, For instance, studying abroad. Therefore,...

Summary on Adult Learning Theories Essay

The central question on how adults learn has caught the attention of scholars and practitioners since the 1920s. Eighty years later, there is no single answer, theory or model that explains what the scholar and practitioners know about adult learners, various contexts where learning takes place and the...

Academic Study Essay

Academic study can help us improve our English skills and achieve our goals to contribute to society. This achievements require us to work hard and improve our abilities to adapt to the society. Therefore, the essay aims at telling you the aims of academic study. It will then suggest some ways to achieve...

To Kill a Mockingbird Life Lessons Essay

To Kill a Mockingbird Life Lessons
It's no secret that not every student who reads To Kill a Mockingbird will not exactly jump for joy to read it. But it is not as bad as it seems, as there are some valuable things to learn when it comes to this novel. It 's an inspiring novel to learn from and to take in...

The Difference Between of Being a Student in Your Own Country Than Abroad Essay

Some students will find it is a standard component of a course they are studying – typically a language degree taken in the UK, will feature anything up to one full year of the course, which may be 3 or 4 years, sometimes more, studying abroad in a country or countries where that language is spoken. A...

Nonverbal Learning Disability Essay

Nonverbal Learning Disability
            Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) is a specific learning disability affecting both children and adults in their academic progress as well as their social and emotional development.  Rourke (1985, 1989) describes NVLD as a cluster of...

New Competitors in E-Learning Essay

            Electronic learning refers to computer enhanced learning. It is closely associated with the area of advanced learning technology (ALT), which specializes with technologies and associated methodologies in learning using networked and multimedia technologies.
            According to Derek...

Network-Based Learning Essay

Network-Based Learning

In an era of advanced technology and globalization, the importance of integrating Information and Communications Technology (ICT) into almost all activities can hardly be denied. In fact, during the past decade, ICT use had consistently and relatively grew that it has...

Disadvantages of Missing School Essay

There is really no advantages of missing school it play a big role in our every day life. As I was young my mother always pressed on me how important school really is. It took me to get older and learn from experience that going to class is important but actually learning something at school is even more...

Learning English Essay

Learning English

English is a very important language because it is universal. People of different origins and country who speak different languages or dialects can understand each other through speaking the English Language (Bakopoulos, 1997).
I always knew how important learning English is especially...

The role of music in the capacity of children to learn Essay

The role of music in the capacity of children to learn
Music is the arrangement of sounds to a synchronized melody or pattern. It has been coined as organized sound. Music has been the subject of numerous studies focusing on the effect on individuals of exposure to such organization of sounds. Several...

Ethnicity and multiliteracy Essay

The many effects class, ethnicity, and gender on literacy and learning are made evident in the writings of Comber (2004), Alloway and Gilbert (2002), and Moll et al (1992). Specifically, class has a significant effect in the literacy and learning of children, as higher-class children have more learning...

Motor learning and academic success Essay

Motor learning and academic success



Education is an all round process of skill development. It includes a number of facets such as neurological maturity, which includes strengthening and improving the core muscles as well as overall integration of senses. (AD/HD: 2001) Then there...

Motivation and Learning Essay

“The relationship between motivation and learning is connected and motivation and learning are mutually causal. That is, those students, `who are more motivated learn more….those who learn more become more motivated.”

In many ways, there are indistinguishable relationship between motivation and learning....

Model of teaching and learning appropriate to nursing environment Essay



Within a clinical environment the teacher has to bear several variables in mind in order to effectively facilitate clinical sessions. Like any teaching – learning situation, the first issue that the teacher has to consider is a theory of learning that will be used as the framework...

Metaphors of learning page numbers Essay

William and Colomb asserts that the linear models of development, such as those of Jean Piaget, William Perry, and Lawrence Kohlberg “seem to impose order on the more puzzling patterns of student behavior” (p.217).  This type of linear progression characterized by increasing and improving knowledge from the...

Lesson Plan Rationale Essay

As proposed by Dymoke and Harrison, good lesson planning is essential to successful teaching in so far as stating, `It is often the case that poor teaching, classroom management and behaviour stem from lack of explicit planning` (2008, p. 122) It is suggested then, that thorough planning is fundamental to...

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