Protein Topics

Short Report on Receptor Proteins Essay

According to Abedon (2012), receptor proteins are intracellular proteins, or protein fractions, that have a high specific affinity for binding a known stimulus to cellular activity. Receptor proteins may be located at cell surfaces or within the interior of cells. They may detect hormones or instead keep...

Protein Quantitation using the Bradford assay and Spectrophotometry Essay

Protein quantitation is a study which is used to determine protein concentration in an unknown sample by comparing its assay response to one which is already known. This has uses in a broad range of research topics which include protein analysis. Two bovine serum albumin (BSA) dilutions of unknown...

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Proteins and Environmental Acclimation to Heat and Osmotic Stress in Gillichthys mirabilis Essay

Organisms respond to changes in temperature in a variety of ways, showing both acute and longer term changes in physiology and molecular-level activity. With work done by various researchers a response has been identified that is undergone by Gillichthys mirabilis in response to “heat shock” or in some...

Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum Essay

The endoplasmic reticulum is a labyrinth of spaces connected together encaged by a membrane (Alberts et. al, 2010). It is where most cell membrane constituents are made and transported through (Alberts et. all, 2010). There are two different types of endoplasmic reticulum; the smooth ER and the rough ER. The...

Biochemistry of Proteins Essay

Introduction Methionine and cysteine are both sulphur containing amino acids. Most proteins will contain one, or both of them at some point in the polypeptide chain. As such, many amino acids contain sulphur in some form, which is required in small amounts in the mammalian diet. Methionine has a thioether...

Lab Questions Fats, Oils, Deep Fat Frying and Emulsions Essay

Lab Questions Fats, Oils, Deep Fat Frying and Emulsions
Following are the answers to the questions in the coursework. These are mostly related to apple fritters telling which ingredients are used in the recipe along with the justifications as to why they are being used.
In the apple fritters, the apples...

Enzymes Essay


            Enzymes, which are proteins, are produced by all living organisms.  These proteins consist of amino acids but what makes them different is how they behave in our body. (Felice)  Enzymes are catalysts that make biochemical reactions take place within our bodies take place...

Anatomy University Test Essay

What is the substrate of peptide? Explain, base d upon your results. Protein Digestion by Pepsin The following questions refer to activity 3: Assessing Protein Digestion by Pepsin. 9. At which Ph did you see the highest activity of pepsin? How does this correlate to the location of pepsin in the body? 10....

Biologically Important Molecules Essay

Organic molecules are those primarily made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The common organic compounds of living organisms are carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids. Each of these macromolecules (polymers) are made of smaller subunits (monomers). The bonds between these subunits are formed...

Exam 1 Essay

Ch. 1: Biology: Exploring Life 1) Slides 1 and 2: What is the main difference between physiological adaptation (as in sense, respond and adapt to the environment) and evolutionary adaptation? Evolutionary adaptation occurs over generations. Evolutionary adaptation does involve genetic change but it’s the...

Biology 111 Ph Lab Report Discussion Essay

Discussion: Since chemical reactions that occur within a cell occur at too slow of a rate to support life, there needs to be an enzyme present to help this reaction occur quicker. Any factors that affect the enzyme activity increase the reaction to its optimal level then begin to decrease due to...

Cell Membrane Essay

All living cells have a cell membrane and it is probably the most important organelle of a cell. The cell membrane is composed of a phospholipid, proteins and carbohydrates. The phospholipids are arranged in a bilayer with the hydrophilic ends facing out and the hydrophobic ends facing the inside of bilayer....

Protein Modification Discussion Essay

The graph was about turbidity reading at different temperatures at 340nm. The curve of egg white in the graph increased dramatically at first. At 80?, the curve got a peak at 0. 251. The peak was where the protein was fully denatured. Then, the curve dropped quickly. With the raising of the temperature,...

Lab Report Essay

Determination of presence of protein in a variety of food substances by the use of Biuret Reagent Biol. 1040 Section 1005 Introduction The human body consumes carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins each day by eating a variety of foods. These foods are required for energy and human growth. Proteins are a...

All About Lipids Essay

What is your macromolecule made of? List element names and/or other molecules. a. Lipids are mostly composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Other elements, such as nitrogen and phosphorus can be found also. Molecules found in lipids include fats, waxes, sterols, and fat-soluble vitamins. 2. Include 2...

Describe How the Structures of Different Polymers Relate to Their Function Essay

Polymers a large molecules made up of a chain of smaller molecules, known as monomers. The monomers that a polymer is made up of decide its structure and therefore it's function. These monomers are linked and coiled in a very specific manor giving the polymer a specific tertiary structure (an extensively...

A Level Notes Essay

Biology Unit 1 page 1 AQA AS Biology Unit 1 Contents Specification Biological Molecules Cells Human Physiology Disease Appendices Chemical bonds Carbohydrates Lipids Proteins Biochemical Tests Enzymes Eukaryotic Cells Prokaryotic Cells Cell Fractionation Microscopy The Cell Membrane Movement across Cell...

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy Essay

Bovine Spongiform
- Chemical Properties: Aromatic
-Toxicity: when given to mice
intraperitoneally, at doses
>1450mg/kg, Tyrosine is said to be
toxic. In humans, prolonged exposure
to Tyrosine could cause urinary
system, blood and behavior
problems.Prolonged skin exposure...

Identifying Organic Compounds Lab Essay

Organic Compounds Problem: Based on the color of the indicator, which type of organic compound will be found in each type of food? Hypothesis: If Benedict solution is added to honey, then it will turn. If Biuret solution is added to egg whites, then it will turn. If Benedict solution is added to corn oil,...

Biology Study Guide Essay

We use the scientific method every day. Imagine your car doesn't start one morning before school. Which of these is a reasonable hypothesis regarding the problem? I’m out of gas. A scientific theory explains what we know to this date about a natural event. Which of the following is a theory? There is...

Spectroscopy and Modeling Essay

Journal of Luminescence 130 (2010) 2476–2486 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Journal of Luminescence journal homepage: www. elsevier. com/locate/jlumin Spectroscopic and nano-molecular modeling investigation on the binary and ternary bindings of colchicine and lome? oxacin to Human serum albumin...

Joseph’s story Essay

Joseph’s Story
1. B. The cellular processes that are going to be affected if Joseph’s heart has stopped; each cell continued working, using up its ATP supply. Carbon dioxide levels inside the cells will rise and the pH will begin to drop, the mitochondria have no more oxygen and glucose to make ATP. The...

Post Laboratory Report in Chem 40.1 Essay

EXPERIMENT 1: Proteins -polypeptides compose of > 50 amino acids Functions 1. Enzymes or subunits of enzymes-enhancing the rates of reactions 2. Structural or Mechanical roles 3. Immune response roles 4. Storage and transport of substances 5. Source of amino acids for organisms that cannot synthesize...

Ap Biology Practice Questions Essay

Cell Division, Heredity, and Rcolution Practice Questions Cell Division An organism is heterozygous at two gene loci on different chromosomes. Explain how these alleles are transmitted by the process of mitosis to daughter cells. After mitosis the parent cell's genome is dividedninto two daughter cells. In...

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