Training Topics

Narrative Report OJT Essay

Since I started my training on April 18, 2013 in Agus 6/7 HE Plant Complex, in this training it is particularly for me to broaden my knowledge, skills and increasing productivity especially jobs that are relatively easy to learn. In my first day of trainee I was very nervous. Although I knew where I will be...

Needs Assessment and Training in Organizations Essay

“Needs Assessment and Training in Organizations”

            Needs assessment (NA) with respect to organization refers to those requirements which are essential in order to run a successful business. NA in the context of organizational setting acts as a tool useful for planning purpose, therefore...

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Mental skills training Essay


Performance and competition are key matters in sports. Performance is the result of both physical skills and psychological factors. It is a well known fact that elite sports performers make great use of psychological techniques before, during and after sports performance and the psychological...

Memorandum Online training versus paper-based distance learning Essay



I have received your memorandum dated 8 February 2008 and has then promptly started researching on the pros and cons of offering some of our courses online. As a result of this research, I hereunto discuss the reasons why there is a need for the online training module, the options with...

Training Essay


The employees are a valuable asset to any business. Modern businesses operate in a fast paced and turbulent environment. The firms have to train and motivate its employees in order to gain a competitive edge over its competitors in the sector where the firm operates. A business should involve its...

Training Strategies Essay



The prerequisites for training vary in different small businesses, with size being the most noteworthy factor. Smallest firms tend to conduct the training for their employees on a superficial level having their entire focus on learning informal skills, whereas in comparatively...

Training Problems with Prisons and Jails Chapter II: Review of Literatures Essay

Training Problems with Prisons and Jails

Chapter II: Review of Literatures

I.              Introduction

a.    Problem Statement

The job competencies of correctional officers have been questioned in relation to effectiveness of their education course program. Standard correctional officer course...

Training paper Essay

The world’s foremost coffee retailer/brand, Starbucks, has announced a decrease in sales.  In 2008, Starbucks reported fiscal fourth-quarter operating earnings of $71 million, or 10 cents a share, down from $158.5 million, or 21 cents, a year earlier. Analysts surveyed by had expected the...

Training Needs Assessment & Program Design and Development Essay

Training Needs Assessment & Program Design and Development

Introduction to Training Needs Assessment

With changing time, organizations have to adapt to changing external and internal environments of the organization so that they are in line with the fast paced world of today. With progression comes...

Manual for Instructional Techniques and Methods Essay




Chapter 1: Instruction by providing information or knowledge through the penetration of contents

-          Lecture Method

Chapter 2: Instruction by providing information or knowledge through two-way communication

-          Discussion Method

Chapter 3: Instruction...

Communication Training rationale Essay

Training rationale

The training in communication will be able to give new ideas and insights as to how good and right communication is needed everywhere. In a situation where communication is a problem, every person will work individually and nothing will be achieved. There is need for people and...

Training, Education and Diversity Essay

Training, Education and Diversity
Diversity refers to the wide variety of differences that exists between employees working in an organization. It is not that simple because diversity includes gender, race, personality, age, ethnic group, education, background etc. Factors like Demographic change, greater...

New employee training Essay





Employee Training refers to the systematic process of equipping an employee with the ideal skills, knowledge, techniques and all the know-how that shall help the said employee to effectively and efficiently complete the undertaken task without any other problems...

Training and workshop development program Essay



Training and development programs for businesses have grown substantially over the years. An increasing number of organizations are using state of the art technology and flexible training methods in order to develop in-house talent, increase employee retention, and build a quality...

Training and organization development Essay




Most organizations strive to achieve success in their business operations both in the short term and in the long run. The concept of organizational development has been embraced by most of the organizations in their pursuit to achieve their goals and objectives. Training...

A key Area of Organizational Training Essay




Diversity training is aimed at achieving the parties’ cultural awareness, skills and understanding which are expected to benefit a firm through protection against the violation of civil rights. Various identity groups should...

Training and development Briefing Report Essay


Latest studies on managerial learning have acknowledged the importance of on-job training in career advancement.  Mentoring programs can assist freshly employed workers to acclimate easily to the organization or push managers to higher levels of leadership within the organization. However,...

Training and Development 407 Essay

The four levels of evaluation are inter-related in several ways. For example, level one is related to level two in that in order to learn better, one needs to demonstrate a positive reaction to the environment they are learning in. Since level one involves reaction and it measures leaner’s perception, it...

Training and development Essay


Of late, there has been a debate in HRM managers to succeed there has to shift from control to commitment,  and that training and development of employees creates commitment, some experts agree while others are cynical about this. However, it is clear that training and developing of employees...

Training and Development Essay




Training and Development

Training is an essential process carried on by the organizations to keep their employees’ skills and capabilities inline with the changing environment. Several of training methods include hiring skilled expertise from various organizations or...

Analysis of training gaps that persist in online training Essay






Web based training/instruction or internet based training is a type of distance instruction delivered over the internet or a company’s intranet. Therefore, online training is part of the computer based training (CBT) which is a course available on...

Incorporating Appropriate Games in Trainings Essay









Incorporating Appropriate Games in Trainings

Trainings are value-added services of companies for their employees to keep them on track with what is new and helpful for their profession. Trainings make employees hone their...

Designing an Effective Training Program Essay

Designing an Effective Training Program

The amount of emphasis put on training demonstrates how a company's development of its human resources are considered significant (Noe & Colquitt, 2002).  However, as Green (2005) mentioned, in real-life situations a number of companies tend to cut down on...

Training and Development Essay

Training and Development

Question: In the implementation of Kaizen, what groups of employees are likely to need training? How should the trainees be organized? Think of this issue from a training design perspective and from a training content perspective.

Answer: Kaizen stands for continuous...

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