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Inequality in india



Words: 1891 (8 pages)

Gender inequality in India Sexism in India refers to preferential treatment arising out of prejudice based on one gender or sex in India. Discrimination and violence against women is prevalent, and sexual harassment at the workplace and lack of education continue to be identified as major problems. Some men’s advocacy groups have complained that the…

Indian Railways and Its Continuing Monopoly


Words: 4774 (20 pages)

Indian Railways, or IR, is the state-owned railway company of India. It operates under the Ministry of Railways within the Government of India and is responsible for most rail transportation in the country. With a vast network, Indian Railways handles more than 18 million passengers and 2 million tonnes of freight each day. Moreover, it…

The Journey of Cadbury in India


Words: 2850 (12 pages)

HISTORY Opening its doors in 1824 at Bull Street, Birmingham, Cadbury’s history is a fascinating study of industrial and social development; it shows how a small family business can be developed into an international giant. The Cadbury family was a prominent member of the Society of Friends or Quakers. Quakers held strong beliefs and ideals…

India a Land of Opportunities Essay


Words: 738 (3 pages)

Are you looking for a job abroad? Have you wanted to move overseas for a long time? Even if you’re tempted to explore the grass on the other side of the fence, think twice before seeking work opportunities abroad. India registered a rapid growth of 9. 7 per cent last year and has bounced back…

Difference Between the Three Estates and the Caste System of India


Words: 321 (2 pages)

There is a difference between the three estates and the caste system of India. The first estate was the Church, the second estate were the nobles or nights, and the third estate was the peasantry. There are many differences between these three estates. The Indian caste system has been in use for many years. The…

Various Ways in Which Judicial Review Can Be Done in India and the US


Judicial review

Words: 8216 (33 pages)

Meaning of Judicial Review Judicial review is the power of the courts of a country to examine the actions of the legislative, executive, and administrative arms of the government and to determine whether such actions are consistent with the constitution. Actions judged inconsistent are declared unconstitutional and, therefore, null and void. The institution of judicial…

“The Discovery of India” by Jawaharlal Nehru Analysis


Jawaharlal Nehru

Words: 5329 (22 pages)

The Discovery of India was written by Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, when he was imprisoned for five months in the Ahmednagar fort during the Indian independence movement. The book was published in 1946, a year before India gained independence. Many scholars who have published elaborate studies in the field of Indian…

The Apache Indians


Words: 4247 (17 pages)

            The United States of America has an extensive and colorful history as a nation.  Consequently, Americans as a people also have a long and rich history to speak of.  The American community consists of many different groups of people, people who have contributed to the unfinished story that defined and continues to define the…

Suzan Shown Harjo’s Last Rites for Indian Dead Short Summary


Words: 1037 (5 pages)

            Suzan Shown Harjo’s article, Last Rites for Indian Dead, is both a critique and an appeal at the same time, meant to raise awareness to the abusive use of the Indians’ remains as collectibles which are displayed in museums or persevered by private collectors. Suzan Shown Harjo endeavors to show that the ongoing archeological…

Right to Privacy in India



Words: 4747 (19 pages)

A very fascinating development in the Indian Constitutional Jurisprudence Is the extended dimension given to Article 21 by the Supreme Court In post-Manage era. The Supreme Court has asserted that Art. 21 Is the heart of the Fundamental Rights. Article 21 has proved to be multi-dimensional. The extension In the dimensions of Art. 21 has…

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