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Technology Innovations in Afghanistan – Summary



Words: 790 (4 pages)

Afghanistan is one of the developing countries situated in Asia, the people of this country have faced wars and revolutions many times due to which they were not able to progress rapidly but after year 2000 onwards, UN has helped a lot the people of Afghanistan in every sphere specially in the cases of progress…

Management of Medical Services in Kabul, Afghanistan



Words: 3168 (13 pages)

Management of Medical Services in Kabul, Afghanistan Abstract             There are several challenges that face medics in remote locations.  Some are attributed to the environment, while some are attributed to other factors like infrastructure, security concerns, hygiene and cultural diversity of residents in these remote locations.  This report aims at advising the management on the…

American and Afghanistan Culture in “the Kite Runner”



Words: 783 (4 pages)

The story somehow gives a glimpse of both cultures, the American and the Afghanistan culture, though most of these are implicitly stated by the author of the novel. Let us looking at the pictures and the details one by one and start from the not-so-implicit statements that readily reveals the culture of both.             The…

History of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan


Words: 8485 (34 pages)

Barriers, obstacles or problems to Access Tuberculosis Diagnosis and receive TB treatment in Afghanistan: Comparison of female and male patients. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, located in the center of Asia, is in most cases geographically recognized in association with central Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East.  It is bordered by Pakistan in the…

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