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Agritourism Development In Sri Lanka Tourism

Sri Lanka


Words: 6186 (25 pages)

Sri Lanka is an agricultural state and agribusiness plays a critical function in the economic system of the state lending 12 GDP and 38 employment chances ( Central Bank of Sri Lanka, 2010 ) . Majority of the population of the state is in rural countries and the support of most of these people is…

The Sunday Times: How to Present Information Effectively

Sri Lanka

Words: 831 (4 pages)

Be able to present information effectively 3. Understand the issues and constraints in relation to the use of business information in organizations 4. Know how to communicate business information using appropriate methods Assignment 1 Date issued Deadline Date Scenario You are a journalist who is currently working for The Sunday Times. You have been asked…

Sri Lanka’s Geography

Sri Lanka

Words: 321 (2 pages)

Sri Lanka is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean, just off the southeastern coast of India. Despite its modest size – slightly larger than the state of West Virginia – Sri Lanka has a population of about 20 million people, almost equal to the population of Texas. The island is rich in natural…

The History, Religion, and Influence of Other Cultures on Sri Lanka



Sri Lanka

Words: 612 (3 pages)

Majorly, the British rule in 1315 characterized the history of Sri Lanka, The country attained independence in 1948 following the influx of the British by 1796. Moreover, the Portuguese were the first European to visit Sri Lanka. Based on the widespread scramble for Sri Lanka by British nations, The Ceylon National Congress was founded to…

Role of the Navy in Disaster Management in Sri Lanka



Sri Lanka

Words: 4974 (20 pages)

The role of the Navy is clearly defined in the Navy Act (1950). This chapter describes the more general roles pertinent to the seaward defense of the island nation and the Aid to civil power activities. The views of the three focus groups selected for data collection are discussed in detail. A critical analysis is…

Digital Piracy in Sri Lanka

Digital Media

Sri Lanka

Words: 1037 (5 pages)

Introduction: The term “Piracy” can be defined as the unauthorized use of works under copyright, infringing the copyright holder’s “exclusive rights”. These exclusive rights include the right to reproduce, distribute, display or perform the copyrighted work, spread the information contained within copyrighted works, or to make derivative works. Piracy often refers to copying intellectual property…

Frequently Asked Questions about Sri Lanka

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How would you describe Sri Lanka?
Sri Lanka is an island country located off the southern coast of India. Sri Lanka is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Mannar, the Palk Strait, and lies in the vicinity of India and the Maldives. The geography of Sri Lanka includes coastal plains in the north and hills and mountains in the interior.
Is Sri Lanka a beautiful country?
Sri Lanka is a beautiful, exotic destination full of culture, nature, wildlife, and smiling faces. For a country with such a violent (and recently so, at that) history, the island is actually home to some of the friendliest people out there.
What is special about Sri Lanka?
Sri Lanka is said to be the only country in the would where you can see the world's largest land mammal, the elephant, and the largest marine mammal, the blue whale, in a single day. 11. Because of its unique shape and position to the south of India, Sri Lanka is known as the 'Teardrop of India'.
What kind of country is Sri Lanka?
Sri Lanka is an island country located off the southern coast of India. Sri Lanka is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Mannar, the Palk Strait, and lies in the vicinity of India and the Maldives.

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