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Talent Show Reviews

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Talent Show Review
The University of Toledo has an annual talent show in essence of raising the spirits of the students during the week leading up to homecoming. The talent show is one of the many events held during this week. The event purpose is to uplift spirits/educate students, unite campus students, entertain, and if the football team wins the game celebrate. I believe the talent show magnifies all three goals: uniting students, uplift in spirit/education, and entertainment.

The talent show is hosted in the auditorium in the student union, a location accessible to all student life.

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Talent Show Reviews
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The show allows group performances and individual performances. This gives friends something recreational to do together and the rest of the student body something to attend. Students attended the show with a group of friends, fraternities, or sororities, or alone. The seating arrangements allowed no one to sit allow, therefore if you came alone you may potentially gains friends. The talent show created an environment of fun and laughs for the entire student body, the performers and the audience.

The talent show had many spirit uplifting and educational performances such as a Trayvon Martin tribute, relationship skit/speech, roll call, etc. The Trayvon Martin tribute was educational because it is an event in black history. The tribute told his story through dance and informed those watching that there are many Trayvon Martin’s in the world and that Trayvon Martin lives on through their dance team. Another educational performance was the relationship skit. The skit was performed by a young lady whom told a story about how guy and girls interpret “let’s chill, at 2am”. The young lady spoke to both sexes and explained the importance of respecting each other’s wishes/minds. The instructors used roll call, the calling out of fraternities and sororities whom perform their signature call out, to uplift the students’ spirits. Roll call got everyone spirits up and also magnified the different sororities and fraternities on the university’s campus. They also called out different cities which also got the students shouting, laughing and more engaged.

The instructors of the talent show incorporated various raffles, performances, jokes, and up to date music to heighten entertainment. The instructors performed a series of jokes and a raffle calling every four to five performances. The jokes got the audience involved and laughing and the winner of the raffles received gifts. There were various performances that were entertaining, such as a gentlemen playing the saxophone to the beat of Singer Ciara Body Party record. This made all the ladies sing and dance. Another entertaining performance was a dance battle performed by two random students picked from the audience. This raise spirits tremendously. Overall, the talent show was entertaining because the music was up to date. The music had the students dancing from the beginning to the end. The music along with the performances and jokes allowed the talent show to be a success. The talent show was fun, campus life engaging and entertaining. The talent show was educational as well as recreational. Everyone should attend The University of Toledo annual talent show.

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Talent Show Reviews. (2016, May 19). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/talent-show-reviews/

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