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Taster Assignment for Teaching Assistant

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Support can take many forms, from enabling pupils to become independent learners to fostering the inclusion of children with English as an additional language (ELL) No matter what form the support may take, a Tat’s prime objective is to aide access of any pupil with special educational needs (SEEN) to the whole school curriculum. It is central to the whole principal of inclusion that a pupil who has physical or learning disabilities is helped to work in the company of other children, often in tandem with them.

A TA can provide this role and nurture the opportunity for a pupil to achieve their goals.

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Taster Assignment for Teaching Assistant
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Support for the teacher A TA can provide support for teachers in many areas. However, their main duty is to support a differentiated curriculum with respect to the inclusion and earning opportunities of the pupil. It is the responsibility of a TA to ensure that a pupil is aware of teacher’s expectations and to communicate to the teacher any concerns, observations or suggestions for the academic or social advancement off pupil.

As well as providing support in a CUrriCUlUm sense, a Attach be invaluable as an extra adult within a classroom situation.

Pupil behavior, in respect of implementation of school policy and observation of pupils within the classroom can help to promote a more conducive environment for all pupils to work in. Support for the curriculum Assistance and promotion of the school curriculum is another area where a TA can provide a vital role. In collaboration with a teacher or other staff, such as a Learning Support Curriculum Area Manager, a TA can help to review and evaluate differentiated curriculum activities. They can achieve this in various ways.

In a classroom situation, they can evaluate and isolate areas of difficulty within the curriculum and help the teacher to plan and implement revised and appropriate learning opportunities. Outside the classroom, a TA can attend curriculum area meetings and learning support meetings in order to obtain a greater understanding of the school curriculum as a whole and hence enable the TA to provide an increased and more cognizant level of support. Support for the school A far as support for the school is concerned, it is within the remit of a TA to translate school polices into practice and further the ethos of the school.

Along with support for the pupil and teacher a TA can support the general running of a school by performing such tasks as examination invigilation, undertake administrative duties relevant to the post and help to inaugurate beneficial relationships and communicate, in liaison with the teacher, with other relevant rebellions such as multi-agency working. In summary; these four areas of support provided by a TA are not separate but inter-reliant. A TA will often be involved in an activity where two or more areas of support are being given.

All four areas have equal importance in their own right and it is the duty of a TA to be aware of all these areas and balance their level of support accordingly. Task 2(TAD 2. 6-3. 1) The importance of teamwork in schools Teamwork is important in schools as it helps to build a positive relationship with work colleagues and fosters a structured support network where responsibilities ND tasks are shared and are completed more effectively and within a good time scale.

Communicating with work colleagues will help raise yours and their skill and competence levels thus increasing the level of expertise within the team and hence its effectiveness in delivering the curriculum to the students. When adults are working and communicating as a team, children see them as role models and will follow or mimic what they see. Thus having a positive effect on the pupil and the perception that a parent or guardian has of the school. Task 3(TAD 2. 6-2. 2) The importance of continuing professional development

Continuing professional development is important because it will enable you to raise your skill levels, expand your knowledge and understanding and allow you to cultivate and advance your career and aspirations. It will also help you to gain confidence in your field of work and act as a motivational tool, along with giving you inspiration through the application of new ideas and training. In a school environment, the children would benefit from all of the above not only academically but in areas such as first aid and child protection. So, continuing professional development has a benefit not just to yourself but to others around you.

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