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Food Packaging Worksheet: Nutrient Claims, Nutrition Facts, and Ingredients This worksheet can help you learn how to read food packaging. What you will need : This worksheet A food package that includes nutrient claims, nutrition facts, and a list of ingredients A handout that includes criteria for specific nutrient claims (ii, low sugar, reduced sodium, etc) Food item: Smoked Whole Almonds Great Value Brand How many servings are in this package? 16 What is the measurement used for one serving? 1 ounce Do you think that this is a standard portion size or an amount that most people would eat at one sitting?

I think that it depends. My father eats them every day and he claims to eat about one serving per day. I will occasionally have some almonds as well and would say that I usually eat 1 serving size of less. How many calories are provided in one serving of this food? 1 70 calories. What nutrient claims are listed on this food package? It does not make any nutrient claims on the packaging. It only gives the list of nutrition facts on the back of the package. List the criteria for each of these claims below: How much total fat is in one serving of this product? It contains 140 calories from fat per serving.

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The total fat per serving is 15 grams. How much saturated fat is in one serving of this product? One gram of saturated fat. What percentage of total fat is from saturated fat in this product? 5% How much trans-fat is listed on the Nutrition Facts label? Zero grams of trans fats. If none, read the ingredient list carefully. Do you believe that this product truly contains absolutely no trans fat? Why? Believe that it contains absolutely no trans fat. I believe this because there is no partially hydrogenated oil in the ingredients. How much cholesterol is in one serving of this food? Zero Grams of holster.

Vitamin 82, Vitamin 83, Folic Acid, Vitamin 85, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, and Manganese. However many of these additionally listed minerals have 0% of the daily value. Do you think that this is a healthful food choice? Explain your answer below: While it is very high in fat, would consider this a healthful food choice because it does have many upsides. It does not contain any trans fats or cholesterol. It does contain some needed vitamins and minerals as well as dietary fiber and potassium. As long as you don’t go overboard and eat many servings in a day, it seems that it can be a healthy food choice.

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