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Global Food Consumer Packaging Market Segmentation

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America, Africa & the Middle East and South & Central America) for food and beverage consumer packaging market. The report also entails the market share of the major players in food and beverage consumer packaging market. An analysis of the future scenario for global food and beverage consumer packaging market is also provided on the basis of revenue over the next five years. The consumer packaging market in the world, valued at USED million in 2013 has been taking significant strides on account of continuously rising consumption of bottles made from Polyethylene Ethereally (PET) trials across the globe.

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Global Food Consumer Packaging Market Segmentation
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With the growing level of infrastructure development in Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South African (BRICK) countries and increasing personal disposTABLE income of the population, expenditure on fast moving consumer goods (FMC) is on a constant rise. The revenue generated from global consumer packaging market has been growing in proportion with the increasing use of different types of packaging materials such as paper, glass, rigid plastics and flexible plastics over the last six years, 2008-2013.

Overall, the global consumer packaging market, stirred a CARR of 2. 1% from 2008-2013.

The global food consumer packaging market has grown at a CARR of 2. 5% over the period of 2008-2013. The overall market generated revenue of USED – million in 2013 rising from USED ? million in 2008. The market has been driven by intense competition among the food packaging players, introduction of new business models by several companies such as Tetra Lava, Amoco and Ball Corporation and innovative packaging solutions for food segments. It has been observed that consumer preferences, product characteristics, and eternal compatibility have been the essential factors in determining the type Of packaging for the food products.

Some Of the most used food packaging materials are rigid, paper & board, flexible, metal and glass. In 2013, the market revenue for rigid food packaging was estimated to be – million in 201 3, which registered a CARR of 3. 4% from 2008-2013. ASia pacific, including Japan, China, Australia, India and South Korea has dominated the revenue of the global food packaging market. The Asia-Pacific region contributed a share of -% in the market for 2013. The global food packaging market is estimated to reach USED – million by 2018 and is anticipated to grow at a CARR of 3. 6% from 2013-2018.

Rigid plastic is expected to remain the largest category and contribute a share of – % to the total revenue of the food packaging market in 201 8. Revenue from beverage packaging market was USED ? million in 2008 which has grown at a CARR of 2. 4% during the period 2008-2013, to reach USED ? million in 2013. The market is driven by new packaging trends that aim to ease consumer life. Global consumption of packaged beverage was nearly – lion liters in 201 3 which increased by 3% from the previous year. In terms of volume nearly – million units of beverage packs were sold in 2013, thereby registering an incline from – million units in 2012.

Within the beverage packaging, rigid plastic is leading the market. Rigid plastic contributed the largest share in 2013. Metals contributed the second largest share in the beverage packaging market. This market was driven by growing demand for drinking items such as energy drinks and juices. Metal held a share of ?96, amounting to revenue of USED – million in 2013. In 2013, Tetra Lava emerged as the major company accounting for a market share of -% in the overall food and beverages packaging market with revenue of USED ? million.

The company provides attractive packaging solutions for food and beverages sector. In the beverages consumer packaging market, the key players are Alcoa, Alpha Worker, Amoco, Radars Group, Ball Corporation, Rexes, Owens-Illinois, Tetra Lava, Constant International, Crown Holdings, Hindustan National Glass & Industries Limited and Saint Goblin The future of food and beverage packaging industry is expected to be favorTABLE in the future on account of growing demand for packed food and beverages in the world.

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