The Invention Ofl Light Bulb Changed the World Essay

* The invention of light bulb changed human existence by illuminating the night and making it hospitable to a wide range of human activities. * The electric light bulb was invented in 1879 by Thomas Alva Edison. * It was the infrastructure that was built to provide electricity to every home and business that changed the world. Today, our world is filled with powered devices than we can plug in pretty much anywhere. And we have the light bulb to thanks for it. * In the morning, there is sunlight.

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The Invention Ofl Light Bulb Changed the World
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But in the night, people use electricity to do tasks. * The invention of light bulb allows us to work at night, increasing quality and productivity. Allow us to save money on candles/oil for light and much safer to use. * *have you ever ask yourself, whether you can live without light bulb for 4 or 5 nights?. * The invention of the light bulb in the 19th century was a pretty big milestone for the human race, and light bulbs are still in use now- over two hundred years after they were invented.

Instead of relying on candlelight and oil lamps, the light bulb allowed us, for the first time, to light up houses and streets in a way that was resistant to the elements.

* Light bulbs are less of a fire-hazard. * They’re also more convenient, as they don’t blow out when it’s windy, they don’t fizzle out when get wet, and they don’t run out of oil. This is why their invention meant that people were able to be a lot more productive than before, as they could work even when it got dark. * Light bulbs can also be used outside to light the streets, which meant crime-rates were lowered and the streets became safer at night. *

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