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Explain why you have chosen this peculiar subject and issueTerrorism have been around for centuries. from the first act carried out by Judaic Sicariis ( dagger-killers in plural Latin ) utilizing political violent deaths in an effort to subvert the Roman imperium and cleanse their Holy Land by knifing of import figures in public to the earth-shaking event of 9/11 which took down the World Trade Centre and left a spread in the Black Marias of many Americans. Most terrorist carry out these dismaying Acts of the Apostless in hope that they bring their message across or drive out a certain group of people whom they think have violated their district.

Since immature. terrorist act has been an challenging issue to me. hence the prompt pick of subject for this explorative paper. It shows the extent a human being would travel in order to put to death their signifier of belief or to extinguish an person or a group of faith whom they think pose a menace to their beliefs. Terrorist would travel every bit far as traveling against nature by killing a fellow human being or even taking it every bit far as pass overing out the lives of a group of guiltless people with a bomb before taking their ain life along with them. in the belief that there is a better universe for them after they die. Numerous intelligence of auto bombardments reported all around the universe has numb the wakeup daze that its supposed bring to people. It’s no longer a surprising issue for the mean individual watching the intelligence merely every bit long as the event did non take topographic point in his immediate locality. I hope that this essay will give a more in depth account to terrorist act and besides serve as a reminder to the Singaporean readers that terrorist act is a force to be reckoned with and everybody should play their portion by minding to safeguards provided by the authorities.

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Why is it of import for us to research this issue?A well placed homemade bomb or an detonation at a chemical works could easy take the life of many guiltless people. And with globalization and engineering increasing on an exponential degree. it can be disputing to place a terrorist among a group of tourer walking through a security gateway of an airdrome. He can easy fabricate a bomb with commercial stuffs one time he steps into a foreign state. With this guerrilla tactic. cipher will cognize when and where the following bomb will travel off. We can lose our loved 1s within a wink of an oculus.

It is indispensable that fellow worlds take the attempt to understand each other’s differences and where terrorist act is coming from alternatively of merely concentrating on countering it with more progress arms and engineering. All these are merely short term solutions and it is easier for terrorist administrations to maintain up with engineering than the military or authorities can make new 1s.

If contradictory beliefs coming from different races and faiths are non understood and tolerated. it could take to frustration and further to violence and finally. terrorist act. A longer term and better solution would be peace negotiations held among the spiritual and universe leaders to seek a higher apprehension of their differences.

How does/can the issue affect us in Singapore?Harmonizing to surveies done by functionaries in the US authorities. terrorist onslaughts have increased 3 crease in the last 10 old ages. with the 9/11 incident paving the manner for smaller graduated tables onslaughts all around the universe. A security expert at a conference in Abu Dhabi said that terrorist onslaughts worldwide are expected to increase in the following two decennaries. With terrorist onslaughts lifting at an exponential rate. we will ne’er cognize if it will strike Singapore one twenty-four hours. If Singapore were to allow her guard down. the effects could be intolerable.

Singapore is a multiracial state which can non afford any terrorist onslaughts to make our evidences. With our limited infinite. an exploding auto parked beside a MRT could wound and kill a important figure of commuters ; a “dirty” bomb could distribute a pandemic and to a great extent stultify our population. Singapore. a state whose merely natural resources are its citizens. relies to a great extent on trade and touristry to fuel its economic system. A well timed and placed terrorist onslaught could direct both sectors gyrating down at the same time. Ships will take a different port and aliens will strike off Singapore from their holiday list. When that happens. Singapore may happen it difficult to acquire back on her pess. or possibly even non at all.

That is why Singapore has adopted a bar and disincentive scheme for countering terrorist act. For illustration. back in 2001. Jemaah Islamiyah ( JI ) ’s program to establish an onslaught on several different embassies. including Yishun MRT station. was thwarted due to our security’s diligence and watchfulness. It is merely through our government’s doggedness and dependable intelligence that Singapore is able to maintain her citizens safe.

DecisionTerrorism is a disease born centuries ago out of favoritism ; spiritual intolerance and contradictory beliefs. It is a turning disease that can non be curbed by passing 1000000s on more advanced engineering and inquiring more immature work forces to fall in the ground forces. What we deem as the best manner to counter terrorist act could be the really fuel that runs this killing machine. A much better manner to set an terminal to this pestilence would be to seek a common apprehension between different faiths ; races ; beliefs ; political leaders and fellow human existences. Let this besides serve as a reminder to the Singaporean reader that even though terrorist act has yet to struck our metropolis. it does non intend that it ne’er will. Citizens should ever play their portion to keep this peace that Singapore already has. non merely describing the leery bag found in the MRT but besides taking the attempt to understand other races every bit good. All in all. terrorist act is a sensitive issue that should be handled with the upmost attention and consideration if one hopes for anything to be solved at all.


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