Texas Roadhouse Evaluation

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Texas Roadhouse Ashley Mahoney Defer University Texas Roadhouse was the dinner place of choice for my family and me the other night; it wouldn’t be the first time we decided to dine at this local restaurant Just a few short miles from our current residence.

My family and I decided to dine in at Texas Roadhouse not only because of its excellent convenience; located in the center of an outdoor shopping mall that consisted of many shops such as, Wall-Mart, Target and Kohl’s to name a few in which two of those stores required my consideration for product I was in search of that night but also Texas Roadhouse reminds you of the good ole western roots in which we take part of on a daily basis here in Gilbert, Arizona.

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I will be evaluating the pros and cons of Texas Roadhouse, three criteria will be used: the total cost must not exceed $25 per person; the menu as well as the establishment must be kid friendly, and reasonable wait times. The first criterion used to evaluate the total cost of our dining experience is that it must not exceed $25 per person. In today’s failing ECONOMY, deciding to dine out at local restaurant can be somewhat of a daunting prospect, staying in budget will ensure a superior dining experience due to a mind at ease and wallet that’s not empty.

Texas Roadhouse offers their customers an option for early dining. The early dining special for a total cost of $8. 99 includes: 11 dinners to choose from, Monday through Friday until 6:pm, and Saturday to Sunday until 3:pm; on the other hand many working class citizens who work Monday through Friday are not able to participate in that exceptional dining experience due to a conflict in timing because f their specific work schedules. The Second criterion used to evaluate Texas Roadhouse menus and its establishment is that it must be kid friendly.

Looking for a restaurant to take your TODDLER(s) to will be the deciding factor in regards to what restaurant you may chose. It’s important for the restaurant to supply both male and female bathrooms with baby changing tables along with many other contributing factors such as: kid friendly menus that are not only accompanied with crayons and pre-printed activities but a variety of healthier menu options, child – friendly employees are a PLUS! Upon entering the restaurant children are offered pre-printed activity children’s menu accompanied with crayons.

The children’s menu offers a variety of 8 different main meal options with a total of 5 different sides. Texas Roadhouse is fully equipped to handle family dining, including baby changing tables in each male and female bathrooms and booster seats and high chairs are available upon request. Texas Roadhouse is known for their entertainment and WESTERN vibes which comes in the form of the wait staff singing and line dancing. Children and adults will Join in by clapping as the staff performs.

The staff is very conscious of their customer’s Atlanta’s, ten start will sing a lively song Ana present ten Loaner Walt a luscious birthday treat. This type of atmosphere will ensure the parent’s weariness of their toddler being too loud. If you are seeking a quit dinner, then Texas Roadhouse would not be the best option for your dining experience. The third criterion used to evaluate the amount time spent before being seated is that the restaurant must demonstrate reasonable wait times. Each of my dining experience has resulted in a wait time that ranges from 25 to 30 minutes.

Texas Roadhouse works with much diligence to seat each party in a timely manner usually resulting in less of a wait time then originally quoted. Once we have been seated, we are immediately teamed up with our waitress for the night in which she then places a warm basket of rolls with cinnamon butter on our table and proceeds to take our drink order, on the other hand, with that being said having to wait 25 to 30 minutes outside due to limited seating space indoors subjects us wait outdoors in a 91 degrees, DRY, hot weather that this western state is known for.

All things considered, Texas Roadhouse offers families a fun dining experience coupled with an array of affordable meal choices. There are some forewarnings: Although the restaurant works hard to seat their customers in a timely manner, due to limited indoor seating, you may be required to wait outdoors, so it would be wise for those to come prepared for both indoor and outdoor weather conditions. The cost per person never exceeds $25; however, if you insist on having two deserts, or a special drink from the bar, your bill will to that number. Texas Roadhouse is a favorite of many native Oregonians, visitors and mine.

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