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Texas Roadhouse Analysis

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When driving up to the roadhouse on a Saturday night, the first thing the eye sees is a parking lot full of cars and a big, neon sign reading “Texas Roadhouse. ” Neon signs can be a very powerful tactic to pulling people inside. The color and brightness suggests fun and warmth. Neon also triggers certain images and places to come to mind. It often associated with bars and alcohol. This subconscious link may attract certain people and repel others. When families with small children go out to eat, they may not want to go into a restaurant that reminds them of bars and rowdy people.

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Texas Roadhouse Analysis
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The same goes for older folks who prefer a nice peaceful country dinner. They might be better off next door at the Cracker Barrel. Others love the idea of a fun, energetic place to eat with an old school jukebox and Johnny Lee blasting. Texas Roadhouse is also known for its country music that is always coming through the speakers.

They play all kinds of country music- from bluegrass to the newest Taylor Swift single. By being the only genre the restaurant plays, it could potentially lose costumers due to the fact that they hate country music.

Although many people love it and think it goes perfectly with the style of the roadhouse. Texas Roadhouse has a very specific style they use for all their restaurants. The goal is to make people feel like they have stepped right into Texas, minus the desert and scorching hot sun. Lining the walls are horseshoes and cacti throughout the restaurant. To make everything a little more fun and lighthearted, the roadhouse has an armadillo named Andy as their mascot. Every forty-five minutes the servers break out in a choreographed line dance through the isles of restaurant.

For birthdays, they bring out a saddle and give whoever’s birthday it is a big Texas yeehaw; no matter if they are four or ninety-four. Even the menu incorporates Texan features like the Cactus Blossom appetizer and the Rattlesnake Margaritas. To some people, this whole theme may seem over the top and tacky. Others may see it as a great place that is not just about eating but about entertaining their guests. Everyone can agree that from the steaks to the booth sizes, Texas Roadhouse lives up to the quote “everything is bigger in Texas. ”

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