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Thai Red Cross Marketing Analysis

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Introduction In the world of business, definitely, the main activity of every organization is to provide products or services to the customer. The organization might survive in their industry if they can provide the outstanding products or services which extremely different from their competitors. It is also considered as the most important factor for the customer to evaluate the products and services that will generate highest benefit when they decide to purchase. As the organization view, the organization duty is not only provide the best products or services, but also the communication with their customers.

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Initially, the company has to sought out what are the customer needs, so that they can respond to the needs by producing the right product or services to serve the customer, and it will definitely resulted in the high successful of that products. After the products or services have been produced, the organization has to communicate with their customers again, by introducing their products and services to the customer by using various approaches, aiming to get to the customer and inform the customer of their existence.

These activities are called “Marketing”.

Even marketing is not the core activity of the organization, but it is the heart of every organization. Some organization that produces high quality products but lack of high performance of marketing activity, how can their customer know that their products are that good? Marketing always helps the organization to develop the relationship of the organization and customers, in order to find the connection between the customer’s need and company’s products and services offered. As stated before, that marketing is the heart of every organization, it is applied with both for-profit organization and non-profit organization.

In case of for-profit organization, the marketing team’s main activity is to introduce the company’s products by promoting and offering special offers to get customer attention. Differently from Non-profit organization, marketing team will have tasks in raising awareness of their focusing area such as environmental, educational, or health. They also have to promote for fund raising, since they will not have the direct income from products selling. Within this paper, the analysis of Non-Profit organization or charitable organization called “Thai Red Cross Society” will be applied.

The paper will be divided into three part, the first part will be the analysis on Thai Red Cross Society’s activities, Second part would be focused on the environmental forces, and the last part would be the contribution of marketing staff of Thai Red Cross Society. Part 1: Thai Red Cross Society’s Organizational Profile and Activities History Thai Red Cross Society was established in 1893, during the reign of King Chulalongkorn of Thailand. It is first called “The Red Unalom Society of Siam”. During that time, Thailand has a war with France in securing the land on the left bank side of Mekhong River.

The consequent was many soldiers were injured from the war. Thailand, at that time, does not have any charitable organization to help those injured soldiers, so Thanpuying Plien Pasakornravongs has formed a group of volunteer and sent request to Queen Sawang Wadhana for permission in order to set up the Red Unalom Society of Siam. The Society establishment permission has been approved by the king on April 26, 1893, which known as “Red Cross Society Foundation day” After King Chulalongkorn has passed away, King Vajiravudh was taking over the throne.

He has experienced and saw the effective of Japanese Red Cross during the way back to Thailand, in Japanese Red Cross Hospital. So He decided to established a Hospital that under control of The Red Unalom Society of Siam. The Hospital was built and named “King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital” to honored his father. The Red Unalom Society of Siam was changed to “Thai Red Cross Society” in 1910 and officially recognized by the International committee of the Red Cross on the 27th of May, 1920, and has been accepted as a member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies on April 8, 1921. Source: http://english. redcross. or. th/node/47] Thai Red Cross Society’s Principles Humanity Red Cross is aiming to provide helps for people who wounded in the battlefield, or injured in the international level. It is also aiming to ensure the well-being of humankind and good health of each individual together with the respect for the human being. Peace, Friendship, and cooperation are also concerned from the Red Cross society. Impartiality It is the first priority of Red Cross to provide helps to the urgent cases, by do not concentrated on which race, nationality, political opinion, or class of the patient.

Neutrality The Red Cross Society cannot take side in any matter. The society has to provide the same level for every individual no matter which race, nationality, religious belief, political opinion they are. Independence Even The Red Cross is provide humanity services to serve their government and operate under the national laws, but to perform the service efficiently, the Red Cross must have the independent and provide helps by do not depend on any one. Voluntary Service Red Cross Services are voluntary service, not for any specific gains. Unity

Within One country, there can be only one Red Cross Society, and that only one Red Cross Society, is respond for the whole country. Universality The Red Cross in any countries has the equality in their status and should help each other in giving supports and helps. [Source: http://english. redcross. or. th/node/45] Thai Red Cross Society’s Activities Thai Red Cross Society, as stated in the previous section, that they are created to provide humanity services to the people who needs help from injury or from any causes that harms their human being.

There are several activities that Thai Red Cross has done in order to meet fulfill their principles, which can be divided into many parts. Thai Red Cross Society also established sub-division to look after different tasks, which resulted in the more efficiency on their performance. The examples of sub-divisions are, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital: offering medical service to the patients, National Blood Centre: blood bank for emergency use, Thai Red Cross Children Home: Home for orphans, etc.

As can be seen, the activities of Thai Red Cross Society has contributed to many areas, so divided the activities into specific categories might help in generating more understanding within this section. Health and medical services Mainly, Thai Red Cross Society is provided health and medical services to public. These services are responding to the principles, by offering health and medical services to everyone, not just only some part of the society. The sub-divisions in this area are * King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital * Queen Savang Vadhana Memorial Hospital Thai Red Cross Eye Bank * National Blood Centre * Organ Donation Centre * Thai Red Cross Rehabilitation Centre These Health and medical services are usually considered as the core products of Thai Red Cross, consequently from people’s perspective among Thai Red Cross Society which normally related to the health and medical. As can be seen, there are at least two major hospitals that operate by Thai Red Cross Society, in co-operate with Chulalongkorn University. The medical bank that provides human blood and organs from donation also plays an important role for Thai’s medical services.

If there is any urgently request for blood or organs, the sub-division of Thai Red Cross, which are National Blood Centre and Organ Donation Centre are prompted to respond to the request depends on the availability. Disaster victim support services In Thailand, there are numerous disasters occurred every year. Thai Red Cross also provided assistance to the victims from the natural disaster. The donation hotline and access point can be found all over the country during disaster crisis.

For example, during the biggest flood in Bangkok Metropolitan Area during late 2011, the donation received as the end of March was at 1,259,729,696 Baht or 25,194,594 GBP. This very high donation amount can prove that Thai Red Cross was the organization that trustable, which was consequent from the well branding. Any other disaster that occur in Thailand such as, Fire, Storm, Cold, or Tsunami, Thai Red Cross has played an important role in assisting the victims in every way such as provide temporary accommodation, provide medical services, etc.

The disaster operation Centre was established to get report from people within the disaster area and evaluate the damaged, which will lead to the right level of help that Thai Red Cross can offer. Social Responsible Services Thai Red Cross has established “Thai Red Cross Children’s Home” which purposely to take care of abandoned babies that were born at Thai Red Cross’s Hospitals and agencies from all over the country. The society also tries to find the suitable family to adopt those abandoned babies, so that the babies can have a bright future.

Educational services Thai Red Cross Society provided the educational services to public sections, aiming in contributing medical and health knowledge to the people who has interest and raise awareness in various aspects. The Red Cross College of Nursing is the college that generates high quality nurses, whose play an important role in medical services. Thai Red Cross Youth Bureau is the sib-division that giving knowledge of health to the children of Thailand. This can help raising awareness in basic hygiene protection and to train the basic first aids procedure.

Thai Red Cross Youth Bureau usually arranges the camp that educated children about health and medical treatment. The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre is another sub-division that study on the affect and treatment of AIDS, which spread widely all over the world. Many campaigns were launched by Thai Red Cross in order to raise the awareness of spreading of HIV disease. Fund Raising Activities As Thai Red Cross is the charitable organization, which will not have any direct income to perform the operation, so creating the fund raising activities to generate the income were taken.

The famous Red Cross Fair is annually arranges. In the fair, there will be numerous booths from many organizations to sell their products or create the activities for help Thai Red Cross in raising funds (see appendix 1 for Thai Red Cross Fair pictures). The Charity Concert is one of the way that Thai Red Cross can generate the funds from selling tickets. The latest concert was performed during the 15-17 of March 2012, called “The Hollywood stars and Divas Concert”, tickets were selling at price started from 100 THB (2 GBP) to 40,000 THB (800 GBP) (see appendix 2 for concert’s poster).

Thai Red Cross also produce products to sell, which all revenue will be donated as the funds of Thai Red Cross Society. The example products such as, Thai Red Cross T-Shirt, Thai Red Cross Stamp Collection, Thai Red Cross Scarf and Tie, etc. Funding Normally, the charitable organization will have to find their own ways in generating income, in order to run the organization’s operation. Thai Red Cross is the same as every charitable organization. The only income that generated from the organization is from Thai Red Cross’s hospital operations.

Government also supports the fund for Thai Red Cross but only a few amount, which is not enough for the every activities. So That Reed Cross has to find ways in generating funds as listed below Member entrance fee Thai Red Cross is collected the entrance fee for the public citizen who interest to join the society. It is depends on amount of money that they donate of which level of membership they will get. For standard membership, the entrance fee is at 3,000 THB or 60 GBP. This standard membership will get a 10% discount for service charge and room charge at Thai Red Cross’s hospitals.

The VIP Membership is for the donator who has donated more than 40,000 THB or 800 GBP, this VIP member will get the discount rate at 20% of service charge and room rate when accessing to the Thai Red Cross’s hospital facilities. The amount of money donated will specific the categories, which discount rate will be varied, started from 20% to maximum rate of 100%. Every member of Thai Red Cross Society will receive the brooch of Thai Red Cross to show their membership status, this brooch will allow the member to access to every event of Thai Red Cross without any charge. See appendix 3 for membership register brochure.

Donation Account and Hotline Thai Red Cross is always respond to help the person who need helps whether from disaster or any other problems. The direct bank account of Thai Red Cross is available for the person who wants to participate in Thai Red Cross activities. The received money is clearly shown on Thai Red Cross’s website, as same as the expenditure used from donation money. Specific purpose funding also take place when there is any help such as big flooding during late 2011. Sponsorship There are several organizations that sponsor the activities of Thai Red Cross Society.

Some organization is donating money to support the operation and activities, whereas some organizations are supporting by sending their products or employees to help in Thai Red Cross Activities. As showing above, the sponsor of each activity will be able to show their brand’s logo on Thai Red Cross activity’s poster in return. Fund Raising activities As stated in the previous section about Thai Red Cross’s Fund Raising activities. It is considered as the major activity in term of marketing aspect, since it will help the organization to promote the campaign and can access to the audience easily.

The Fund Raising activities such as, Red Cross Fair, Charity Concert, Charity products selling, or Diplomatic Red Cross Bazaar, are often arrange since it can contribute both Fund Raising and Awareness Raising. Part 2: Environmental and Market forces that influence Thai Red Cross Society Analysis of Macroenvironment using PEST Analysis In every organization, there are several factors that affect the organization. The four main factors that influence the direction of the organization are known as Political and Legal forces, Economic forces, Social and Cultural forces, and Technological forces.

Those factors mentioned before, were known as the Macro environment, which can influence both the organization itself, and the stakeholder around the organization (Jobber, 2001). In case of Thai Red Cross Society, the macro environment also impact to the organization. To analyze the environmental and market forces of Thai Red Cross Society, using PEST analysis would provide more understanding of how the organization was influenced by their circumstances. Political and Legal forces Thairath, Thailand’s number one newspaper, stated that, Thailand political has been unstable for at least 5 years and will continue for a few years.

There are several protests and terrorizes in Thailand, which directly impact the political status of the country. The fight along Thailand’s border with Cambodia also took place for almost 2 years, according from the argued of right in owning Khmer famous temple on both countries border (nation. com, 2011). As Thai Red Cross is the organization that initially established for serving the injured soldiers during the war, this unstable situation along the border will directly impact to the Thai Red Cross on preparing and be ready to provide assistance services when needed.

There is an issue during the protest of The Red Shirt Group during Mid-2010, the doctor and supporting team at Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, which run by Thai Red Cross Society and Chulalongkorn University, has refused to provide medical treatment for the injured protestors due to the different on political opinion. This was impact on the overall image of Thai Red Cross and it was against the principle of Thai Red Cross of Impartiality and Neutrality. Thai Red Cross also receive fund from the Thai’s Government, which is considered as the major element in political area.

During the last 5 years, Thailand has faced the political unstable situation, which leads to the change of government positions. The policies of each government are not the same and every organization that related to the government will receive the same consequent, unpredictable budget. As Thai Red Cross Society is the charity organization, which mainly funding from the government, the unclear budget consequently from the change of government will increase the difficulty in organization’s operation.

For Legal forces, Thai Red Cross Society as the charitable organization, has to ensure the sources of money that has been donated, which might be from illegal activities of the donators. Every activity that will be arranged by Thai Red Cross, has to be well analyzed on legal issues. Economic forces The country’s economic will contribute the impact to every organization in that country. In case of Thai Red Cross Society, economic can influence the rate of donation from outsiders. The Thai Red Cross is the charitable organization that was mainly receives income from donation, selling charity products, and arranging Fund Raising activities.

The economic will affect the purchasing and donating power of each individual, which soon, will affect the Thai Red Cross Society’s activities. If donation rate has fallen, the organization has to find another source of fund to maintain the operation. Anyhow, the increasing rate of unemployment will benefit to the organization by having more volunteers to join the organization. This would benefit the organization, but on the other hands, those volunteers will lose a chance of finding the stable job. Support level from private sectors also depends on economic basis.

Is the economic goes well, private sector business can go well, to more support that Thai Red Cross will get. Social and Cultural forces Definitely, the charitable organization which mainly contributes to social will get directly force from the social and cultural. The perception of people in the society always influences the operation of the organization. In for-profit organization, social will generate the needs and want, which the organization can respond by creating the right products to serve the needs.

On the other hands, with the non-profit organization, to respond to those needs and wants mean to make the people who has needs and wants live a better life, by providing them supporting service and help in resolve their problems. Thai Red Cross Society, as stated before, is the organization that mainly focuses on the health and medical service offer to public, which is considered as a major need of society. As Thailand is the country that faced a lot of health problems, so trying to help those problems is the majority of Thai Red Cross.

Thai Red Cross got influenced from social factor by, trying to create the services or activities that will help in respond to the needs occurred in the society. Culture also be of the force of Thai Red Cross. Along with Thai’s believe about donating organ to others, those organs that have been donated will not be with the donators on the next life. So this believes has impact the donation program of Thai Red Cross, since there is not much donator participate in the program. Anyhow, culture also contributes the positive activities that give benefit to Thai Red Cross.

Thai’s culture is mainly about living together, helping each other and participate in social activities. When there is some crisis or disasters happened in Thailand, the helps will flow from everywhere around the country, and Thai Red Cross Society was always acts as the middle organization to distribute those supports from donators. Technological forces As the organization that normally contributes the awareness to society, technology will influence Thai Red Cross in generating more channel of distributing the awareness to public. Online source today are becoming the major source of information.

Thai Red Cross also using this source in expanding their campaign to public. As can be seen in www. redcross. or. th, Thai Red Cross also using donation online to increase the donation volume and make the donation process being easier. Using latest technology with the hospitals under Thai Red Cross operation can also attract the patient to use the hospital services. Chulalongkorn memorial hospital was very popular among Thai people, the newest technology is used and high quality services can be found along with reasonable cost of services.

The Analysis of Microenvironment of Thai Red Cross Society Microenvironment is the unit of stakeholders that directly interact with the organization. There are four categories of actors which are customer, competitors, distributors, and supplier. In case of Thai Red Cross, as the organization in non-profit organization, the idea of those actors might be quite different from the for-profit organization. Customer Customers are the person who has needs and wants, which the firm has to respond by providing products or services (Weitz, 1981).

In case of Thai Red Cross, the person who create needs and wants are those people who need helps in various ways. This can refer to the victims from natural disaster, the patient who need medical treatment assistant, or the abandoned babies who need a home and taking care service from the organization. Thai Red Cross cannot target these customer by using the “Target market Theory”, since the helps that Thai Red Cross can offer will come along with request or specific purpose need, for example the patient who urgently need the liver from Organ Donation Centre or the need of food from the victims in Tsunami crisis.

Another group of people that can be considered as Thai Red Cross’s customer is the attendees for special campaign in awareness raising program such as Youth Camp, HIV research conference, etc. As Thai Red Cross aim to raise the awareness in various aspects, to get attention from people would be important. So using the “STP Process” in targeting the attendee can be adapted with this type of customer. For example, the Ratchakarun Youth Camp, it has targeted the student age at 7-13 years old to participate in the program (thaircy. org, 2012).

The group of people who bought Thai Red Cross’s charity products also consider as the customer of the organization. As same as the attendees of Thai Red Cross Fund Raising activities, who has to pay for the tickets, also count as the Thai Red Cross’s customer. Competitors As the principle of Thai Red Cross Society of “Unity”, within one country, there can be only one red cross organization, so there is no any other organization that can provide services like Thai Red Cross in Thailand. Anyhow, some services that offered by Thai Red Cross such as Hospitals, are having a lot of competitors.

In Thailand, the medical tourism has become famous in recent year. Many private hospitals had promoted their outstanding services with high luxury facilities to offer to their patient. Bamrungrad International Hospital is making their way to the top hospital in Thailand, by providing outstanding medical services. Considering Bumrungrad International Hospital as the competitor of Thai Red Cross operated hospital would generate a clear picture of the competitive situation. The Location of both hospitals in situated within the same area in Bangkok.

Bumrungrad International Hospital has a clear target market of International customer and the high income customer. They are using the differentiation strategy by offering a high luxury services, consequently, the higher cost of services too. In contrast, Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital has no target customer, according to the principle of Thai Red Cross, that the organization has to serves every people at the same manner. The strategy used in Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital is low cost strategy, which trying to lowest the cost to help the patient. Anyhow, the two hospital are helping each other in their operation.

Thai Red Cross is providing urgent support for Bumrungrad Hospital when their patient urgently needs blood or organ for treatment, at the same time, if the patient at Chulalongkorn is full of capacity, the patient can be transferred to Bumrungrad Hospital. It is one of the humanity aspects for every hospital to follow. Distributor Normally, Thai Red Cross Society is having Centre all over the country to contribute their services offered to public. For special helps in rural area, Thai Red Cross has the portable medical services, which will go to the rural area and provide medical service to those people directly.

For specific purpose like help the victims from disasters, the distributors of help will be volunteer from private sector. As Thai Red Cross is the non-profit organization, using volunteers is the best ways for distribution, since it will help the organization in cost saving. Suppliers Suppliers are the firms that interact with the organization by provide supporting material or services. In case of Thai Red Cross, the supplier can be referred to the donators and the medical company.

As donators has played an important role in generating fund to the organization, and fund is the most important for Thai Red Cross in creating helping service for those people who need helps, so donators are the supplier of funds for the organization. Donators who have donated their blood and organ also count as the suppliers for Thai Red Cross. As Thai Red Cross has the services of blood and organs bank, the bloods and organs that have been donated will be kept in the storage area and will be used upon request. Medical company is another supplier of Thai Red Cross.

As many hospitals which under operate by Thai Red Cross, are definitely need the medical equipment for their operation, the medical company who has offered the medical equipment and medicine are directly interact with Thai Red Cross’s sub-division. Others Stakeholders The others stakeholders of Thai Red Cross that interact with the organization activities are numerous. Anyway, there are some keys stakeholders that might take in to the discussion, because of their contribution to the Thai Red Cross Society. * Volunteer Volunteer is the group of people that want to participate in Thai Red Cross activities without receiving anything in return.

As stated about the need of volunteer in packing emergency bags during flooding crisis in the announcement from the Relief and Community Health Bureau’s website, within two days, the bureau has launched about the volunteers is exceeding require number already. This can prove that, Thai Red Cross always have volunteer who is ready to help the organization activities at all time. * Partners Thai Red Cross has several partners to cooperate with their operation. For example, Thai Red Cross’s website was supported by four organizations such as, Thai Insurance, The Mall Group, etc.

Other than that, many private hospitals are offered transfer service, if the capacity of the hospitals which were operated by Thai Red Cross is full. Part 3: Marketing Contribution and development plans of Thai Red Cross Society Analysis of Marketing Contribution by using Marketing mix theory Marketing will always help the organization in communication with their customer. In case of Thai Red Cross, the marketing theory will help in attract the donators in joining the participation. As Thai Red Cross Society is the organization that offering services, using 7 P’s to analyze the marketing mix would be appropriated.

Products As mentioned before, that Thai Red Cross Society is the organization that offers assistant services to the people who need helps in various aspects. So the products of Thai Red Cross are the services such as Health and medical services, Donated organs, charity products and activities, etc. For health and medical services, Thai Red Cross has offered the services which were outstanding from others in the society. Nevertheless, since the organization did not work for profit, so the outstanding product is not help in generating any income to the organization.

Along with the principles of Thai Red Cross, the organization has to perform the services with the priority concern on the humanity. Medical services operate by Thai Red Cross in various hospitals can be guaranteed the quality, since it was cooperate with the Chulalongkorn university, Thailand’s number one University, which has the high potential human resources to use in it operation. The Donated Organs are another products of Thai Red Cross. As Jobber stated that, product is anything which is made to meet the customer needs, donated organs re what that patient needs and has requested to Thai Red Cross for those donated organ, so it is also considered as one of Thai Red Cross Products. Charity products and activities are the products that produced to raise the funds and awareness of Thai Red Cross activities. Many products have been offered to the interested people such as Thai Red Cross’ T-shirt, Thai Red Cross stamps collection, Red Cross Pin, etc. These revenues from selling the charity products will be given to the Thai Red Cross Society funds. Charity activities such as charity concert, Red Cross fair, etc. lso generate fund to the organization. As same as awareness raising activities such as Youth Camp, Conference, which will be no revenue occur but the spreading of the study on specific area will be out in public and providing knowledge to the audiences. Price Price is the most important element for the For-Profit organization. On the other hands, charitable organization is not much concern with this element. As the major principle of Thai Red Cross is to provide assistant service without any concern of revenue generating, so pricing does not have anything to do with their customer.

Anyhow, price can be affect Thai Red Cross is setting the value for membership of Thai Red Cross Society. As mentioned in the first part of this paper, to register as a member of Thai Red Cross Society, the donate amount of money can specify level of membership. The more member afford to pay, the higher level and benefit that customer will receive. For medical services at Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital and other hospital operate under Thai Red Cross Society, the price should be the lowest as possible due to the organization has to make sure that every people who use the medical services will be able to pay for the charge.

In contrast, the price of charity products can be found in reasonable price and some activities tend to be a little bit expensive, depends on what kind of fund raising activities are. For example, the charity concert “Hollywood Stars and Divas”, the price of ticket started from 100 Baht (2 pounds) to 40,000 Baht (800 pounds). Place (Distribution) In aspect of place or distribution channel, Thai Red Cross has only a few distribution channel to deliver their services to the people who needs help. Officially, the main office of Thai Red Cross was located in the center of

Bangkok, which is the head office of Thai Red Cross and any other services. Regionally, Thai Red Cross will have their office on every province around the country. In many public hospital, there usually be the Red Cross agent to coordinate with head office, if there is any urgent case on the urgently request. The medical portable service is also one of the distribution channels of Thai Red Cross. Since there are only a few offices of Thai Red Cross, so it is a little bit difficult for the organization to provide helps in faraway area. This medical portable service is provides to reach those people.

In case of awareness raising campaign, using online media to deliver the knowledge and topic concern to reach to the target group is used. The billboard and brochure also use, as same as posters, in order to get to the customer. Promotion (Communication) Promotion is incentives to customers or the trade, and the promotion will make the products to be admired in the market (McCarthy, 1964). In the Thai Red Cross case, promotion can be adapted to attract the attention of the donators and participators, in donate both money and organs, and joining the awareness raising campaign.

For example, the promotion in applying for membership of Thai Red Cross, if the member wants to get more privileges, the more donations should be made. As same as when the donators decided to donated their blood or organs, they will get many benefits in such as the discount when using Thai Red Cross medical services. The advertisement also plays important part in promotion area. Thai Red Cross has to attract the public attention in raising funds. Campaigns that have been launched should be promoted to communicate with public. Below are some examples of Thai Red Cross’s poster

These posters use to communicate with public in order to invite the audience to participate in blood donation program. Television program also use as a tool to get to the audience. TV advertisement such as invited the audience to join Red Cross Fair, using superstar to influence the audiences to participate in Thai Red Cross activities, can be normally found in Thai Television. Communication also used in awareness raising campaign of Thai Red Cross, as same as to raise the number of volunteer of the organization. In order to get cooperative from external environment, using communication hannels in advertise the organization’s goals and activities to public should be done continuously. Communication channel such as, Television advertisement, newspaper advertisement, posters, flyers, etc. could help in spreading the news from the organization. People People are one of the most important resources for the organization’s operation. In marketing aspects, having the skilled, high potential people to work for the organization can be the attracting or selling point of the organization. Thai Red Cross, as the organization that was established by Thai Royal Family, always get the attention from Thai population.

As Thai are royal to their royal family, having the royal family member as the president of the organization would be benefit to the organization in order to attract the people’s attention. Thai Red Cross’s president is Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, the queen of the Kingdom of Thailand, who has influence Thai society in many ways. The queen, herself, can guarantee the efficiency of the organization automatically, as the president of the organization. Once Thai Red Cross launched the campaign to raise awareness, the organization always considered famous superstar or actors to promote the campaign.

These actors are contribute lots of influence in Thai society, and will easily get attention from press. In case of Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, the human resources use in the hospital is from the medical faculty of Chulalongkorn University. This cooperation of the two organizations can provide the trustable image of medical service for the hospital. As Chulalongkorn was known as the best university in Thailand, the best students from all over the country tried very hard to get into the university.

So having the best medical student to work for, would make Thai Society believe in the quality and efficiency of the services. Process The process of Thai Red Cross is using the international standard. As Thai Red Cross is the organization that are part on International Red Cross Society, the same process in helping the victims and patient should be internationalize. The author has experience in using Thai Red Cross service in National Blood Centre. The process of blood donation is quite excellent. It is easy and the process takes only 10-20 minutes to proceed.

This can create the good image of high quality of their process used with the organization activities. The process of distribution channel of their help to the victims is also important. As Thai Red Cross was acted as the middle organization for collecting donated objects during the disasters in Thailand, creating the well distribution process would help the organization in managing the goods. At the same time, when the public can see how the organization can well manage in their process, the more donation will flow to the Thai Red Cross, as the trust of delivering the donated objects are reliable. Physical Evidence

Thai Red Cross has to make sure that every equipment used with their operation are in good conditions, since the main activities of the organization related to the human health, which most concern on the sanitation. The circumstance around the Thai Red Cross office or at any agents’ office should be cleaned and well arranged. People will see how the organization manages their cleanliness and feel comfortable to use the health and medical services of the Thai Red Cross. It is also important to Thai Red Cross to keep update their equipment use in the operation both in Hospitals and various Donation Centres.

As the image of public health service leader of Thai Red Cross, to use latest equipment would make Thai Red Cross be able to hold their position, other than that, the people who use Thai Red Cross service can feel the efficiency of the operation offered. The development plans of Thai Red Cross Society Along with the agenda of International Red Cross Society, Thai Red Cross has followed the objectives in solving several aspects, which targeted to be accomplished within two years after 2011 (Red Cross Agenda, 2011). The agenda has stated four criteria that should be decreased as listed below 1.

Reduce the human death, injured, and affected from natural disaster 2. Reduce the human death, injured, and affected from affliction and epidemic diseases 3. Develop strength of local community and the organization itself, to cope with the natural disaster or any other emergency situation that might occur. 4. Promote the human right and neutrality, by not separate the race, nationality, and reduce the social deprivation According to those aspects, the Thai Red Cross has to develop their strategies, in order to find the achievement.

Reduce the human death, injured and affected from natural disaster In this aspect, Thai Red Cross has to provide the knowledge of how to cope with the disaster to public. In order words, Thai Red Cross has to find various channel of communication to communicate with public sectors or the stakeholder about how they can affect by the natural disaster and what they should do during the crisis. At the same time, Thai Red Cross also plan to educated their volunteer staffs in the area of how to use the technology in helping the victims from the disaster such as GPS and GIS.

Thai Red Cross also plans to evaluate the risk areas that might have the disasters in various criteria such as population, the evacuation area, etc. Reduce the human death, injured, and affected from affliction and epidemic diseases Thai Red Cross aims to reduce the infection of epidemic diseases, which can easily spread in Thailand due to the climate factors. To achieve the aspect, Thai Red Cross has to launce the awareness raising campaign to create the awareness and provide the protection information from the epidemic diseases.

As can be currently seen, Thai Red Cross has generate the TV advertise about how to protect self from the diseases, as same as accessing to primary school to educated students in preventing themselves from diseases. Develop strength of local community and the organization itself, to cope with the natural disaster or any other emergency situation that might occur Thai Red Cross as the organization that provide assistance service to the people who need help in various aspect, must has the readiness to perform the assistance.

Thai Red Cross plan to increase their efficiency in services offered, to make sure that once the help is needed, they are ready to perform the task. As same as prepare the local community to perform the primary assistance from the emergency situation. Promote the human right and neutrality, by not separate the race, nationality, and reduce the social deprivation Along with Thai Red Cross’s principle of Neutrality, the organization is trying to reduce the gap between social classes in Thai society. In order to achieve that, Thai Red Cross has to promote the human rights and equality in society to public.

The treat of human in society should be in the same standard. From all the aspects explained above, it is very important for Thai Red Cross to carefully consider the use of communication channel, of which channel will generate highest successful to the campaign. References Barton A. Weitz, The Journal of Marketing, Vol. 45, No. 1 (Winter, 1981), pp. 85-103 Walter van Waterschoot and Christophe van den Bulte, The Journal of Marketing, Vol. 56, No. 4 (Oct. , 1992), pp. 83-93 Bumrungrad, 2012. Bumringrad International Hospital [online]. Available at < http://www. bumrungrad. com/thailandhospital>. Accessed on 14 April 2012]. IFRC, 2012. Thai Red Cross responds to once in a generation flooding [online]. Available at <http://www. ifrc. org/en/news-and-media/news-stories/asia-pacific/thailand/thailand-red-cross-continues-response-to-once-in-a-generation-flooding/>. [Accessed on 15 April 2012]. Jobber D. , 2001. Principles & Practice of Marketing. Berkshire: Mcgraw-Hill. Lancaster, G. , and Massingham, L. , 1988. Essentials of Marketing. Berkshire: Macgraw-Hill. Nation. com, 2011. Breaking News [online]. Available at <http://breakingnews. nation. com>. [Accessed on 17 March 2012].

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