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In my personal opinion, The American dream Is In fact dead. People need to wake up and realism that what they are trying to achieve Is In fact a dream and It will never be attained. It is a horrible truth, but we must accept the fact that it is no longer achievable. There is little to nothing left of the American dream. Our economy, while it is recovering, is still providing little jobs, and even less opportunity for people to try to make a living.

Our nation is dropping in worldwide rankings from education to Jobs to health and wellness. Bob Herbert, writer of the article “Hiding from Reality,” states “If student test scores Jumped a couple of points or the Jobless rate fell a point and a half, the politicians and news media would crow as if something great had happened. ” Society goes riled up about a small change and sees it as a great accomplishment. Excuse my informality but I would rather say that society goes Battista when occurrences like these happen.

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A small Jump in test scores, or a decrease In unemployment does not mean anything If you are comparing it to the long run. It could Just be a small time of prosperity and before we know It, we are ace into a recession and doing worse than before. How can we be so sure that something like that will not happen right now? We are recovering from the recession of 2009 but at any moment our economy could go crash at any moment and we will be seeing ourselves in another depression.

Most people believe that the American dream Is still alive, but Is it really? Cal Thomas’ article “Is the American Dream Over? ” best depicts the current situation about Its status. The article seems rather conservative on Its Ideals even though Thomas states “people who believe a politician or whatever party… Re doing more than dreaming. ” Although the article seems more conservative than liberal, its ideals aren’t that wrong. Maybe the reason why our economy is doing so bad is because our government has too much control of businesses.

The idea of laissez fairer may help out our economy as businesses will have more power for themselves and be allowed to stimulate the economy with their Jobs. The state of the American dream stands on a slippery slope, as some people believe it is still alive, while others say it is dead. A survey found in Brandon King’s article “The American Dream: Dead, Alive, or on Hold? Say that “72 percent of Americans still believed it was possible to start poor, work hard, and become rich in America. To most people, the American dream, is more of a story as a poor person, becomes wealthy by Individual determination, but how often does this actually happen? This Idea seems to be fore of a fairy tale kind of story, so why should we as Americans believes such wild ideas. One idea that caused me uncomforted was how King states that one way we are able to flu the economy was to provide money to businesses which would eventually allow more Job opportunities for low wage workers. This idea is basically Trickle Down economics, which has been presented many times by politicians.

The basic idea is that If we cut taxes from businesses and the wealthy, they will spend more money, which will eventually trickle down and tried before and has almost always pushed the country more down in recession. The fact still remains, people believe that the American dream is when people rise up in socioeconomic status, and the only way this “dream” can be achieved is if we stimulate the economy. Until our economy is back up and booming like how it WA in the ass (or any year of economic prosperity) the American Dream is as good as dead.

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