The Aspiration of an Immigrant Student to Pursue Academics at College

My aspiration in life is to be happy. As a girl who grew up in the Caribbean, education has always been a big part of my life. I personally believed the key to success is education, and the higher level of knowledge I received, the more intelligent and successful I would become. Initially, my educational goal is to go to Palm Beach State College for two years to get my Associate’s Degree. I intend to maintain the required GPA and improve my learning process in order to graduate at the top of my class. Furthermore, I plan to transfer to Florida Atlantic University to pursue my career goals.

I was raised in Haiti, a small French speaking country in the islands, by a single mother who struggled to send me to school, and feed my four siblings and I. I migrated to the United States after the big earthquake that nearly damaged half of my country and its population in 2010. I was 11 at the time. Stepping into a new environment and leaving it all behind, with no knowledge of what life would bring, is extremely scary – especially for a kid at my age. I faced many types of challenges, such as learning a new language, adapting to new surroundings, and making new friends. I can say that the process felt like I was being reborn.

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My Father, whom I came to the United States with, migrated to the United States in 1981. Therefore, I grew up with a lack of a father figure around, which meant that when I moved in with my father, it felt like I was living with a complete stranger. That said, the thought of going to college is what aids me through my journey as a broken and empty teenager throughout my years in America. I once said to my mother, “Mom, one day I will get you out of poverty.” I can say that my motivation to get my mother out of poverty is what influenced me to go to college.

So far, my college experiences have been fantastic. However, I have learned that college is way more complex than high school, and it requires a lot more of my time. Because of the significant amount of information that we acquire in one class meeting, procrastination is not an option. Last semester, I learned about time management, which is very essential in college. Due to my time management skills, I managed to maintain an A in all of my classes last semester. Last week, I came home to find a letter that stated I made it on the Dean’s list. I was ecstatic! I immediately texted my cousin, with a smile on my face. “I made it on the Dean’s list!” She replied, “I’m proud of you.” The goal I have set for myself is to receive the best level of education and a long-term profession.

As of right now, my mind is set on becoming an immigration attorney. I hope to begin working on my career goal and perfecting my craft. I have chosen to become an attorney because of my passion to help people. I currently work as an assistant for an immigration lawyer, therefore, I understand how stressful it can be to go through the immigration process. As a lawyer, I hope I can make a difference in my clients’ lives. Moreover, I want to be motivated and inspired by every aspect of my career.

Overall, I have always been a student who values my academics. I am motivated, and I’ve managed to maintain a good GPA. I have been more than the ideal student, and I demonstrated outstanding success through my high school years. I am a self- sufficient lifelong learner, and I excelled in high school in academics, leadership and service. As a teenager, I have been through many hardships, but my motivation to become successful allows me to strive for the best and to never give up.

Furthermore, I am a strong, independent individual with many goals and plans for my future. Despite of all the hardships and obstacles in my life, I will never give up! I have been down so many roads in my life; I have been on roads where there were no lights. Everything was dark, and there was no one there to answer my cries. I have been on roads where I did not know if I should go right, left, or straight. I have been on roads when there were so many stop signs, but somehow I managed to continue on the right path. I have even been on roads when I was lost and confused. Nevertheless, I can say I am now on a road where I am not going to let anything stop me from accomplishing my goals.

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