The Benefits of Being Creative and Motivated in My Academics

From an early age, I have always possessed a creative instinct and drive to create projects independently I have always shared an interest In art, and throughout my life have been involved. With it in some shape or form, I then decided to select art along with other creative subjects such as graphics in year 9, to help increase my ability within art. I also began to develop an interest in computers and programs as academic life progressed and therefore decided to select ICT along with art in 6th form. I am now In the process of studying a-level art along wtth two year course. In ICT, which I am confident I will be successful I have already built up an impressive art portfolio and am still expanding it. My recent art department trip to Paris also helped give me inspiration and was a good learning experience and an opportunity to expand my interest within the subject.

Aside from art and ICT in my spare time I enjoy creating computer games on my PC with a simple program at home entitled games factory I create all the artwork and animation and combine them together with basic programming knowledge lthen post my games on the Internet for people to download at their leisure. I also play the piano/Keyboard in my spare time and enjoy the creative side of it songwriting find playing an instrument a welcome break from normal study, allowing me to exercise my creativity as well as relieve stress at the same time. My present interest in art is more painting drawing based, although I do enjoy all areas of art. My current art course has helped me branch out more, I have experimented in many disciplines successfully producing paintings, pastels and drawings which I had never really developed fully before.

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I am required to create three separate projects for art showing an understanding of genre and style I really enjoy doing this type of creative work and feel the course I am doing is a good learning experience for me. Combined with my ICT knowledge I am able to transfer paintings and drawing into my computer and use them in my games as animations etc. ICT has helped me to gain a better understanding of computers and programs and has helped expand the boundaries of what I already know about computers. I have already had pan time employment involving computer—related work at a company named PC World. While working there I gained a basic understanding of what makes a PC work, and learned about all the various integrated components.

I no longer work for PC World due to academic priorities, although I feel my time at PC World was a useful one and helped me to gain a good understanding of computers. Throughout my time at both school and sixth form, I have been involved in a number of activities, and have also made an effort to maintain a good balance between this and my academic work. Being involved in and having the ability to give something back to my sixth form has always been important to me, and it is something that I am keen to continue at university. My passion is art and I look forward to further developing my ability at degree level feel that I would be suited for this degree, as consider myself to be a creative and motivated individual. I love and am particularly interested in computers and animation I have a passion for both playing and creating computer games and think this course would be ideal for me.

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