The Good Immigrant Student: Analysis

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In The Good Immigrant Student, the author expresses disappointment in the parents’ decision to move their children to a middle-class American suburb without preparing them for potential discrimination. The stepmother’s decision to transfer the girls to Sherwood Elementary instead of the closer Ken-O-Shah was seen as selfish. The author also criticizes the teachers for not realizing that Ann and Unguent already knew English and were mistakenly placed in an SSL language class. The author believes that the teachers should have spoken up and removed the girls from the class, and that the school may have been receiving additional funding for immigrant children. The author also highlights a concerning incident in which a teacher used a little girl as a vocabulary example, calling her a foreigner.

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The Good Immigrant Student: Analysis BY smallpox’s After I finished reading “The Good Immigrant Student” I was highly disappointed in how the parent’s acted in this memoir. The mistake I found in my opinion was, the parent’s moving the children to the suburbs of all middle class Americans. They did not explain to them or prepare them for the glances and looks of other students because they are not Americans. The stepson transferred the girls to Ken-O-Shah. It was two blocks away from their home.

It would have been easier to take them to that school but instead she transferred them to Sherwood Elementary. I think Rosa the stepmother was being selfish. It seemed as though the stepmother was more concerned about the girls teaching her Vietnamese. The mistake I fond from the teacher’s was that Ann. and Unguent were going to the SSL language class when they already knew English. How did the teacher’s not pick up on this? How come their parent’s never said anything?

The father should have known that his children could peak English and not speak Vietnamese very well. I believe in my opinion that the teacher’s should have spoke up and removed those girls from the class knowing they could speak English. I think they were getting a great amount of funding from the government for these immigrant children at the school. In the part where Nugent is explaining that the second grade teacher used the little girl as a vocabulary example telling the other children “children, this is what a foreigner is. “

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