Effect of Broken Family to a Child’s Academics Essay

Introduction This chapter contains the background of the study, statement of the problem, scope and limitations, significance of the study, and hypothesis, which serves as a guide for the readers to understand the study. Background of the study The Family is a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children. It is one of the most important factors for an individual’s whole-being, personality, character, even a person’s achievement rely on the structure of the family he lives in. Having a broken family is a very intricate situation to be in.

This is very hard for the couple but the person who ends up with the greatest amount of problems is their child. “Children incorporate repertoires of angry, impulsive, and violent behavior into their own” (Kelly, 1968). The problems that the child develop are not always noticeable, and do not always come to the surface immediately. Broken Family is a family with children involved where parents are legally or illegally separated. There are many aspects in the child’s life that may change when he is a member of a broken family.

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Effect of Broken Family to a Child’s Academics
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One of the most important aspects that is affected is his academic performance. “Children who are a member of a broken family earned lower grades and their peers rated them as less pleasant to be around” (Cherlin, 1981). Somewhat, there is simple evidence to show that a broken family brings anxiety, disturbance, lack of motivation and pressure. These manifestations act negatively on a child’s academic performance. However, this may not be germane in all instances. Some children disregarding their family background may perhaps work hard and be successful in life.

Thus, the researcher has proposed a study on the impact of a broken family to a child’s academic performance as perceived by Betty’s Vermillion Academy students, school year 2012-2013 to further distinguish the scope of the problem. Statement of the Problem This research seeks to determine the impact of a broken family to a child’s academic performance. Specifically it seeks to answer the following questions: 1. What is the impact to the child’s academic performance when they see their parents undergo the following:

1. 1 Simple misunderstanding, 1. Yelling at each other, 1. 3 Having physical contact? 2. What are the effects of a broken family to the child’s: 1. 1 Mentality, 2. 2 Social life 3. 3 Academics 3. What can be the other factors that inhibit the child’s academic performance? Hypothesis To work out the solutions to the problem rose in the investigation the following hypothesis is tested at 0. 05 level of significance. Ho: A broken family has no impact to the child’s academic performance Ha: A broken family has an impact to the child’s academic performance Significance of the Study

This research about the impact of a broken family to the child may be useful to the following: Parents that experience this family condition can make use of this research for them to have additional ideas on the situation’s effects on their child’s academics. Teachers can use this research for them to have ideas of the possible reasons why their students suffer from their academics. Students that suffer from a broken family can make use of this research for them to understand their condition and its effects on their academics.

CHED and DepEd can come up with possible explanations to the decreasing grades of students based on this research. Researchers can make use of this research as reference and framework to their study. Scope and limitations This study is primarily about pupils who are a member of a broken family studying in Betty’s Vermilion Academy Specifically this research focused on the following: 1. Identify the aspects to a student’s life that is affected by a broken family. 2. It is fielded on August 2012 to March 2013.

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