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The Business License the Bail Act

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The concept of law can be established under two focus points, which are Order and Compulsion, Order being the sense f a method of system and compulsion which is the enforcement of compliance with the law. The definition of law can be described by several components that explain the concept of law. Some of the components are that law is a body of rules, law is for guidance for of human conduct, law is imposed, enforcement, content of law, and justice and the law.

Law as a body of rules is formed in two ways, by the custom of the people and by statute, which is law that has been passed in parliament.

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The Business License the Bail Act
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For example in The Bahamas, the Business License Act ND the Bail Act. Law as a guide for human conduct, which is simply rules of how people should conduct themselves throughout their lives. Laws for human conduct are primarily based on moral rules and ethics which serve as a reminder that it is nefarious and dishonest to tell lies, covet and to be drunk in private.

Law is also imposed, which means the law is to be obeyed because it is laid down by parliament which is the supreme authority.

Enforcement of the law is very important because without it, law becomes dead or worthless. The law is also not et in stone; it adapts and changes as time passes. Archaic laws are often revised or removed completely to adapt to the ever changing world. Some circumstances in which the law changes are because of an invasion contact with other races, material prosperity, education, advent of new machines, and new ideas or new religions. Lastly, there is justice and the law. There is no mutual agreement of the meaning of justice.

There is adversity in having perfect or ideal justice, so therefore we have to strive for justice that is in accordance with the people. There are three classifications and sources of law which describes the different parts of law. They are criminal & civil law, public & private law, and substantive & procedural law. Criminal law is a part of the law that relates to illegal actions which are offences against the state and is also punishable by the state. Crime can be summarized as a non-compliance with the law which is punishable by means of death, imprisonment, a fine, or absolute discharge.

In order to make sure non-compliance with the law does not occur, the police which are public reverts perform their duties in which they prevent and detect crime and prosecute persons in the court of law which commit such offences. As criminal law deals with offences against the state, civil law deals with the rights and duties between individuals. Under civil law, there are several categories of law that are included and they are: The Law of Contract The Law of Tort The Law of Property The Law of Succession Family Law Under public law there are 3 categories which include constitutional law, administrative law, and criminal law.

The constitutional law outlines the rules which control the different sectors of government, their relationship with one another, and their functions. This also outlines the powers and privileges of whoever is the sovereign body, members of parliament, the status of ministries, the armed forces, the police, etc. Administrative law basically outlines the legal rights of a private citizen as it relates to the executive powers of the government. There are different sources of law where in which laws originate from. Some sources of law are The Common Law, Equity, Custom(s), Books of Authority, Year Books, Abridgment, and private publications.

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