The competitive Advantage of First mover and Late Mover

Presents due to engineering promotion, the manner of how concerns were conducted has evolved to be more globally attributed and reliable to technological invention AIDSs. Furthermore, engineering could assist a house to be sustained by holding competitory advantage, and this particularly true in the state of affairs of where house had the strong dependence towards engineering invention. Technology had becomes more of import to specific house or concern when it has the ability to significantly impact their competitory advantage or industry construction.

Therefore, it is of import for houses to take and put to death their scheme consistently to remain competitory and sustainable in the market. In this study, the scheme of how houses enter a new market will be discussed in term of first-mover and late-mover, taking into history on the creative activity of how a house could be either first mover or late-mover, the advantage and disadvantage of being first-mover and late mover, and in conclusion giving decision and penetration of what scheme could be better to be implemented in peculiar state of affairs.

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Discussion will get down with accounts and definition of what constitute foremost mover and their advantage and disadvantages. In this portion, research worker Marvin B. Lieberman and David B. Montgomery, 1988 in their article study about first-mover advantages were referred. They enlighten that there are 3 ways of how first-mover could accomplish their advantages. The first beginnings of how first-mover competitory advantage could be triggered are ( one ) technological leading, ( two ) pre-emption of assets, and ( three ) purchaser exchanging cost.

Technological leading will profit first-mover in term of leading in invention, which guarantee the sustainability in engineering. Bing the first in the market, supply sustainable cost advantage could be achieved if learning curve could be maintained entirely. This due to the unit production of cost will fall with cumulative end product as explained in standard learning-curve theoretical account. As larning curve could be made entirely, this could besides do advantage to the first-mover by puting up extended barrier to entry.

Furthermore, pre-emption of assets help first-mover to accomplish advantage in term of domination of market portions. As first-mover could command the market portions earlier, this provide a barrier for late entrants to prehend an sum of market portions which dominated by first-mover.

First-mover besides could derive the advantage by preempting the scarce plus. By holding the control over bing and available assets, first-mover could discourage rival in scarce assets acquisition. Preemption of location in geographic and merchandise features besides could take to advantage for those house which is first-mover. Bing the first-mover, advantage could be achieved through pre-emption of locations in geographic by come ining most feasible and profitable market earlier than the challengers. Therefore, by implementing strategic action to procure and dominates the market, late-mover will happen it is so hard and viewed it as unprofitable to come in the market. This accordingly could discourage the subsequent entrants.

Furthermore, Research and Development ( R & A ; D ) and patents besides secure the first-mover advantages. By holding extended and effectual R & A ; D, this could take to discovery of new engineering, which could be patented. Therefore, as patents exist, this could function as trade secrets. By making concern as the first-mover, this besides provide head start for them to make research and work all possible potentially new engineering, therefore provide legion patents to protect them from patent-race by future challengers.

Buyer exchanging cost, affect first-mover house advantages in term of clip and resources which will be spent by late-movers in measure uping as a new provider. Whenever late-mover settee in within foremost occupied market by those first-mover, late-mover had the obstruction and opposition in order to be familiarized by the clients or purchaser. This will drop net income border hence, increase operating cost. This will convey injury to late-mover as the costs incurred are higher compared to the first-mover. Besides, exchanging cost could come up due to supplier specific acquisition by the purchaser or client. In this state of affairs, when clients are familiar plenty with one particular provider, they will encompass the trade name, and go loyal. Therefore, it is quit hard for new entrants or late-entrants to steal that loyal client or purchaser from the first-mover house.

Furthermore, research by Tariq Malik, 2012 which study the advantage of first-mover for a house when making strategic confederations with host companies has showed that there is important advantage for the first mover. ( Malik, 2012 )

The consequence of this survey has support the hypothesis which are first-mover house in organizing an international confederation in China would execute better than late-mover. This determination seen consistent with literature by Lieberman and Montgomery, 1988, and this is due to first-mover making an environment which is disfavor by late-entrants. For illustration, when the first-mover has established relationship between China ( Joseph G. Nellis, 1997 ) houses, through strategic confederations, first-mover has the advantage as they will cognize on how to make concern with China authorities, organisation and media. Furthermore, foremost mover besides had the border over late-move in geting strategic location, hired and developing the human resources, locked in scheme spouse, and has created many consumer truenesss for its engineering, merchandises and services.

Another empirical survey could be seen in Thomas Cleff et. al research ofAre there any first-mover advantages for open uping houses? Lead market orientated concern schemes for environment invention.In this research, it has been found that a successful pioneer is non needfully go the first but one of the first-movers within the competition of different invention design. Reasoning from this survey, there is advantage from being the first-mover, nevertheless it is depending on the environmental fortunes. This describe that first-mover has higher hazard compared to late-mover. Furthermore, through this research, it besides found that first-mover advantages are non available and really hazardous if in status where all of a sudden engineering alterations suddenly. Furthermore, addition in market dynamic increases possible of first-mover, nevertheless does non vouch it. It besides could be learned that, in order to accomplish first-mover advantage, it has to get the ability in developing dominant design, so that can be market leader.

Lead-market attack besides important for the first-mover to vie with late-mover, as late-mover could spread faster than expected if first-mover does non take lead-market attack. Lead-market attack besides important in faster and widespread diffusion of new engineering, so that could non be surpassed by late-mover. ( Thomas Cleff, 2012 ) .

In emerging economic system, first-mover besides has the ability to spread out concern without pulling much attending from the officeholders from the domestic house. First-mover besides should hold the necessary human capital, physical and pecuniary resources in order to remain in advantages zone, if do non desire to be outperformed by the late-mover. To wrap up, in order for first-mover to keep its net income and advantages, they should be one measure in front of its rival, nevertheless as effects this will necessitate a high rate of invention in term of proficient and new merchandise development. ( Joseph G. Nellis, 1997 )

First-mover advantages could be seen in assorted countries such as engineering leading, the domination of plus, and besides the shift cost. However, first-mover besides could posses several disadvantages, which indirectly will explicate as the late-mover advantages. Disadvantages of being the first-mover in the market includes the ( I ) free-rider effects, ( two ) declaration of technological or market uncertainness ( three ) displacement in engineering or client demands, and ( four ) officeholder inactiveness.

Late-mover could hold advantage in free-rider consequence, as late-mover can copy where first mover innovate. They can copy in assorted portion affecting the Research and Development ( R & A ; D ) , purchaser instruction and substructure development. As effects, they have advantage in cost decrease as imitation is less dearly-won when compared to innovation cost. This ability to copy so, leads to could decrease of the profitableness to first-mover.

Resolution of technological or market uncertainness is besides one of the advantage of late mover. How late-mover can profit from this factor is by being late to come in a certain unknown market. This will cut down the hazardous choice of market, as being first in the unknown market, will function many challenges and hazard to be overcome. As late-mover could detain their clip to come in unknown market, they could avoid any unwelcome job or issues.

Shifts in engineering or altering in clients need besides affect the first-mover and this will be taken advantage by late-mover. Marvin B. Lieberman and David B. Montgomery in their diary has review many literature on how displacement in engineering or altering client demand can do advantage to the late-entrants, which relate to creative devastation theoretical account introduced by Schumpt ( Schumpter, 1961 ) Er ( 1961 ) . Through originative devastation theoretical account, bing merchandise were said to be disused by the outgrowth of invention of new houses. This late-entrant so will work technological discontinuity which by extinguishing and replacing bing officeholder. While clients need something new and this will make dynamic status. This will make loophole where late-mover could take advantage, unless the first-mover are really fast to alarm and react.

While in incumbent inactiveness, late-mover could be in advantage as late-mover can hedge from being locked in specific set of plus. First-mover disadvantage in incumbent inactiveness besides could likely go organizationally inflexible, therefore they can non react to environmental alterations or competitory menaces. ( Montgomery, 1988 )

Reviewing from marketing position, late mover could be seen as holding the possible to leapfrog those first movers at least in two ways either by crushing them in their ain game, or secondly by exceling them utilizing invention as the tool. In term of crushing first movers in their ain game, late movers attack could get down by supplying consumers penchants in the class of merchandise positioned by first mover. This could be the beginning and ground tackle for competition to get down, therefore late movers could take the chance to see any spread, overlooked superior merchandise positioned, vie on monetary value, or even could take the action to deluge the market hence liquefy first mover’s distribution. Whereas, in term of invention, late mover could introduce their merchandises or scheme, hence could convey the competition between late entrants and first mover come to intense, supplying late entrants to excel foremost mover. ( Venkatesh Shankar, Gregory S. Carpenter and Lakshman Krishnamurthi, 1998 ) .

Furthermore, survey conducted by Venkatesh Shankar, Gregory S. Carpenter and Lakshman Krishnamurthi, 1998 shows that invention lead to the key of late mover advantage when compared to first movers entrants. First mover or besides known as innovator has the advantage in sing higher possible market comparison to those late mover. Furthermore, the diffusion and selling mix effectivity are unaffected by diffusion of non-innovative late entrants. However, when compared with that late mover with advanced, which is stated as advanced late mover, even higher market potency could be achieved with higher repetition purchase rate compared to foremost mover. Furthermore, advanced late mover claimed to make dissymmetry in diffusion as it has unequal response to selling outgo, market potency and repetition gross revenues. For illustration, when first mover’s diffusion take topographic point, consumers will switch to the late-mover merchandises does non affected much due to market portions possible and besides consumers penchants towards tardily mover still strong. However, when advanced late-mover diffuse, they will spread faster as they had the more superior invention and lower monetary value comparison to the first-mover.

In term of trade name growing, innovator will hold to pass a batch of advertisement cost, as to make consciousness of trade name for merchandise and the merchandise class. However, late-mover does non hold to fix such cost, or in other words they could bask less outgo on making consciousness, but merely concentrate on developing trade name consciousness and could depend on the first-mover to set up the class. They besides find the deduction of late-mover if, late-mover could non crush first-mover in their ain game, which can non get the better of first-mover’s diffusions or selling scheme, which in bend will do late-mover will see low repetitions rates and besides less effectual selling program, another manner of how late-mover could be in advantage should be discovered.

In this state of affairs, what late-mover could make is to take down the monetary value, and pass more on selling mix. However, it is effectual for late-mover to polish their merchandise in which class in compete with the first-mover in order to crush and vie more intensely. ( Venkatesh Shankar, 1998 ) .


In decision, being first-mover and late-mover has their ain disadvantages and advantages. Therefore, in order to implement an entry scheme, the demand and deep apprehension of each firm’s SWOT and the market where they would wish to come in is required. To go first-mover in an industry, a house should possess technological leading, pre-emption of plus and besides purchaser exchanging cost. In order to keep first-mover advantage to be sustainable, first-mover should be one measure in front of competitior or late-mover so that larning curve could be made sole hence decelerating down the invention procedure diffusion by the late-mover. In the other side, late-mover could hold the advantage in term of free-rider consequence, which focuses on imitation or refinement of the first-mover merchandise class. However, late mover must be cognizant that if first-mover is really fast in merchandise invention and development, hence decelerating down merchandise diffusion in the market, concentrate on quality and pricing could be made. Finally, to take either first-mover or late-mover is the best scheme is depending on the demand, fortunes, market status, assets and besides firm’s capacity and capableness.


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