The Consequences of Bringing a Knife to School

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The report is about the consequences of the author bringing a knife to school, which was found during a search in the principal’s office. Through research and conversations with Officer Shaw, the author learned about the dangers and problems caused by bringing weapons to school, and how it compromises the safety of fellow students and staff. The author acknowledges the severity of their actions and takes responsibility for it, deciding to not bring any knives to school again. The report also emphasizes the importance of addressing jokes and inappropriate comments about weapons, as well as consistently enforcing consequences for any use of weapons in school, regardless of their type. The author also suggests that increasing penalties for assault with weapons on school grounds could deter such crimes. The report concludes by arguing that high school students are practically adults, and should be held accountable for their actions.

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My report is a consequence of bringing a knife to school. While I was being searched in the principal’s office, a knife was found on me. At first I didn’t think too much of it in the way of safety but after doing research on different incidents I see the problem with my actions. By bringing a weapon into my school compromised the safety of all my fellow students and the staff of Mattawoman Middle School. The problem of having weapons present in the school has improved greatly but still needs to be addressed and prevented.

Students bringing weapons to school is a major problem that needs to be dealt with. The However regardless of how much the problem improves we still need to keep working on fixing it. People bringing weapons to school affects the staff and student body in many different ways. During the time it took me to compile this report I learned many things. A lot I learned from talking to Officer Shaw. It is amazing to me the problems caused by my single action of bringing the knife to school.

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I got into this situation by being careless about where I put the knife . many questions arise. Why did I have the knife at school? Why do I need a knife? Even though my intentions are not to harm anyone or anything, it is unacceptable behavior to bring a weapon to school. Because of one way or another the knife found it’s way to school. I no longer own any knives nor will I own any knives until I am at the age of 18. This course of action will prevent any problems in the future regarding weapons in school.

On occasion someone will joke about bringing a weapon to school and killing someone they hate, or killing a teacher. Because of events that happened in the past, each comment made like this needs to be taken seriously. Jokes and inappropriate comments need to be addressed before it becomes reality. A lot of the incidents that have happened started off as a joke, or threats were perceived as such, and laughed off. Officer Shaw said to me regardless of what type of weapon you bring the consequences would be as severe.

If you bring a butter knife to school you will get into the same amount of trouble if you had brought a hunting knife. The consequences of bringing weapons have to be consistently hard on everyone. People who work at the school have entered into an agreement to reinforce these rules equally. When they give you a consequence it is because they have to, not because they want to. A much cheaper alternative would be to greatly increase the penalty for the use of weapons in school.

If a much heftier fine and/or jail sentence were attached to being convicted of assault with a weapon upon school grounds, fewer people would commit the crime. Although many would say that students are children and also cannot properly understand the consequences of their actions, thereby claiming that punishment for them should be mad less severe, not more, students at the high school level are practically adults, they are making decisions which will affect the rest of their lives.

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