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Mihaly Cziksentimihayli provides an arbitrary definition of creative individuals in The Creative Personality. He acknowledges that his definition may not be universally agreed upon, but he identifies eleven distinct character traits commonly found among creative people. The Creative Personality delves into the reasons why creative individuals stand apart from those who are not deemed creative. Cziksentimihayli asserts that creative individuals typically possess a “genetic disposition for a given domain (Csikszentmihayli, 3),” implying that they emit an unmistakable aura of innate ingenuity.

According to Csikszentimihalyi, creative individuals have a predisposition that gives them an advantage in pursuing their interests with passion. They start early and have a lot of physical energy. Despite being capable of working for long periods, they also know how to rest properly. Moreover, they possess high intelligence along with high naivety. In essence, many of the qualities of creative minds can be contradictory as they effortlessly navigate between extremes like responsibility and irresponsibility, realism and imagination, humility and pride, and more.

The text highlights that creative individuals possess both dynamic and rebellious qualities, while also having an understanding and absorption of culture (Csikszentimihalyi, 12). Csikszentimihalyi effectively showcases the flawless combination of traits in creative individuals, emphasizing their distinctiveness and uniqueness. The Creative Personality delves into these characteristic traits described by Csikszentimihayli, providing readers with valuable insight. However, it is crucial to recognize the subjectivity of these traits due to the intricate nature of creativity.

Many individuals, like Mozart, with low IQs still achieve artistic and inventive milestones. Conversely, many individuals face disadvantages in their expertise but still create beautiful pieces, such as Johnnie Ray, the American singer and songwriter. However, throughout history, those who tap into their creative side often possess traits discussed by Csikszentmihayli in The Creative Personality.

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