The Day in Which Everything Went Wrong

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The author recounts a particularly unlucky day in their life, which occurred last September. It started with them waking up late and missing their bus, forcing them to walk to school. They stepped in a muddy puddle, ruining their uniform and shoes. They arrived late to class, where they were scolded by their strict teacher for not having their Mathematics homework. During recess, they discovered they forgot their wallet at home and had to borrow money from a friend. The food they bought was bad, and they ended up spraining their ankle while playing football with friends after school. They had to walk on crutches for two weeks and were scolded by their father for being careless. The day was finally over, and the author was relieved to go to bed.

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I will never forget the day in which everything went wrong in my life. Everything that could go wrong did. The cursed day was sometime in September last year. Firstly, I woke up late in the morning because my alarm clock did not ring. So I missed the bus to school and had to walk to school instead. I dislike walking to school because there were many dogs in my neighbourhood and some of them were very fierce. As I was walking to school, I accidentally stepped on a puddle of water on the road.

It was a puddle of muddy water, so the splash made my uniform wet, dirty and smelly. My shoes and socks were also soaked in muddy water. I thought that was enough to ruin my entire day. When I finally reached my school, I quickly entered my class. My teacher scolded me because I was late and my clothes were dirty. I made her even angrier when I told her I left my Mathematics homework at home. She was very strict teacher and expected all her students to hand up their work on time everyday. Therefore, she was very upset. She also shouted at me.

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It was so embarrassing to be scolded by a teacher in front of the entire class. I have never been shouted at by a teacher before. Some of my classmates laughed at me. Soon, it was recess time. I realized that I left my wallet at home. So I borrowed some money from my friend. I decided to buy a bowl of noodles. My bad luck streak continue because the fish balls were bad. So I did not eat the fish balls but I finished the noodles because I was angry. After eating the bowl of noodles, I felt thirsty but I did not have enough money to buy myself a glass of water, so I drank some water from the tap.

Finally, the bell rang and school was dismissed. I was relieved that the day was over because so many bad things had happened. Then, my friends asked me to play football with them in the field after school. I joined them as I needed to relieve my stress. After half an hour of playing, there was a slight accident on the field. My friend was running after the ball so was I . We both collided and fell. I ended up with a sprained ankle. I limped all the way home because nobody could give me a lift that evening.

It was very painful and I hated the thought of having to walk with a limb for the next few weeks. Furthermore, I could not play football with my friends. When I was home, my mother took me to the clinic. The doctor said that I should be more careful when I play football next time and that I had to walk with crutches for the next two weeks. When my father came home at dinner time, he scolded me for being so clumsy and careless. I went straight to bed after dinner. I was exhausted and in pain. As I snuggled into my pillow that night, I heaved a sigh of relief that the day was finally over.

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