Motivating People to Follow Their Passion in Everything

Art has a huge impact on how people view the world and how it can influence their everyday life. There are many kinds of art like paintings, music, or even plays. These things can have an impact on our emotions mentally and physically. Art can tell a story or it can be just a simple mood changer to make someone happy. The beauty of art is that it is one of the few things in the world that can bring people together as friends not enemies. Art has been on the earth ever since the creation of the earth. The beauty of the earth itself was made by the ultimate Artist himself, God. He is the reason why many people have wonderful talents of art and their sharing with the world

Art is an inspiration to people. It motivates people to follow their passion in whatever they strive to succeed in. It gives people hope of the future to come and brings joy to many people in a low area in their life. Art expresses people’s feelings and people share their artwork to other people so they can hear or see what the feelings they are trying to share. A lot of art is also in many households. Many people love to just hang art in their houses for decoration. Some homes are full of art like certain quilt blankets, the design on the wall or even the leather of the couch and other furniture.

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Now in today’s time art can be anything. It can simply be what designs are on your socks. Many people don’t notice but everyday they create some type of new art when it comes to making a new creative thing of theirs. It just takes a little thought to make something special come true. People also rely on art for enjoyment and sometimes excitement. Rappers, for example, are artists that creates songs to share to their fans. Their unique beats and lyrics amuse a lot of people and put them in a soothing place while they listen to the rapper or they can get hype of the rapper as well. I am beginning to notice that art is all around me and some art can influence what type of mood I’m in. The world would be very dry without art. Art can shape a culture to act a certain way. Art is very appreciated and I’m glad I am able to experience Gods great work with art and giving the talents to humans to use their minds and create something amazing for the world.

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