The decisions that people make quickly are always wrong Essay

I totally disagree with the statement that decisions that people make immediately are always wrong. Some decisions need to be made after careful thought, while some decisions have to be made immediately due to the limit of time.

In the real life, people don’t always have enough time to think about what kind of decisions they need to make and how many options they have in order to reach the optimum result. Time does restrain people from making decision after careful of thought. The first case happens in the stock exchange market. The price of stock changes every minute, even every second. The brokers need to make immediate decision to buy or sell. If they spend a long time on making decision, they will lose chance to make a lot of money, the stocks will never be available when they make final decisions. Even though quick decisions might make brokers to lose some money, but there are still 50% chance to make much money. If they don’t make a quick decision and miss the chance, they will never make money.

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The decisions that people make quickly are always wrong
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So from this case, we can conclude that immediate decisions are not always wrong. Another case comes from sports. During the soccer game, the team members usually have been assigned duties and given strategies before the game by the coaches. But during the last 5 minutes, two teams have the same score, one of team must win this game so that they are eligible to attend the semi-final, at the same time the coach of this team has no more chance to give his team member more suggestions. Therefore, the team members need to change their old strategies on their own so that they will have chance to win. But if members take more time than 5 minutes to make decision, they might make a best decision, but this best decision won’t work at all since time is up. They will absolutely lose the chance to win.

However, if they make a quick decision, it is very possible for them to win this game and get into the semi-final. From the above two cases, we can conclude that the statement that decisions that people make immediately are always wrong is not right. Sometimes people need to take the chance to make decision immediately so that they can gain something instead of completely losing.

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