The Difficulty of Learning English When Coming to America

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Learn to “sink or swim,” Jamie Malernee said. She was saying that you have to keep going or you will fail in life. In the process of trying to master the English as a second language, there comes a lot of challenges. “You have to deal with lots of challenges like embarrassment, confusion, and frustration that are constant companions for people trying to change the way their tongues move and their mind thinks,” Malernee said. Such simple tasks are challenges without the knowledge of the English language like ordering food, or going to the bank cause one word could mess up the conversation.

Why don’t they just learn english. Most immigrants are too busy. Immigrants are busy raising families and working so they don’t have a lot of time to be able to take classes. Others either lack money, and some never went to school back home,some would not know where to start , some thick they wouldn’t need it, some don’t believe they can learn it, but mostly learning another language is hard. While a lot of immigrants eventually learn English pretty well, understanding slang, word play, sarcasm, humor, and learning to speak without an accent can take a lifetime. Immigrants say that they learn with their kids sometimes , and TV helps a lot. They watch and learn as their kids do the same, shows for kids like Sesame Street and other kids shoes like Dinosaur train or daniel the tiger cause they really focus on the basics of English and pronunciation.

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Immigrants ‏thought it would be easy to learn English while doing their jobs but they found month by month that they weren’t finding jobs because they did not know English which was a problem. One story of an immigrant thought that she would learn English by cleaning peoples houses but could not find work so now her and her husband sell pumpkin seeds and yo-yos to people that passed by in grocery store parking lots. Another immigrant learned that immigrants get paid less than non-immigrants who do the same job because their lack of knowledge of the English language.

Emigrant say it is so hard to learn English because you have to support your household at the same time she was saying as her husband was measuring pumpkin seeds for a customer. Getting through life in the United States each day can be difficult. Not knowing English in a American

Country is like tying issue with one hand almost impossible. Lack of English creates challenges not only for immigrants but for the people that interact with them because not speaking the same language as someone means that you can barely interact with them because you wouldn’t understand each other. And example of this was one immigrant that lacked English wanted to take a vacation to Mexico but got stabbed by border police and was trying to explain that her name on her drivers license was different from her green card because she was recently divorced she got frustrated and drove home.

Some Americans think when they hear a foreign language that those immigrants came illegally or came to take resources illegally or displaced them from their jobs. Americans can be very harsh with immigrants, like one immigrant recalls that hello A restaurant would not serve them because they were Muslim immigrants..

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