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The Effects of Winning the Lottery

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Would you like to win 205 million? Would you wish to be a millionaire? These yearss there are many ways to go millionaire. Some people become millionaire due to their difficult work and dedication. And in other manus some people become millionaire merely by purchasing the lottery ticket and by winning it. Even though it is a rare instance. there have been many people who became millionaire like this. There are many negative effects to winning the lottery.

For illustration. after winning the lottery people intend to free all of their money due to other people stealing or family/relatives bewraying them. Those people who win the lottery needs protection because their life’s become in danger. Not merely that. those people must larn how to manage the money that they won and besides revenue enhancement is taken off excessively. Peoples say money doesn’t bargain felicity. Like these people after winning the lottery people intend to tilt the truth that money don’t bargain felicity.

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The Effects of Winning the Lottery
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There are besides many positive effects of winning the lottery.

For illustration. after winning the lottery for some people it’s dream semen true because now they have the money to pass on things that they were non able to afford before. For case. that individual might utilize the money for instruction. debt. or fiscal job that the rich person. Some people are really generous so they give off like 10-30 % of their money to charity. Besides if you win the lottery you don’t have to work long hours occupations and now you can get down basking your life by going to many different topographic points or merely utilizing the money to pass clip with your household.

Furthermore. you could besides utilize the money to open your ain concern. to purchase a new house or you could merely salvage it up the money. So when you are in an highly awful state of affairs you can we the money that you saved. There are many positive and negative effects of winning the lottery. For illustration. I did a quick study in my category and some of them choose positive and most of them of them picked negative. Form my full schoolmate ; three of them told me that winning the lottery is a positive thing.

One of them said it positive because after winning the lottery you can pay the debt that you own others and another one said you could salvage up your money for better instruction and other intents. And at last the 3rd one said winning the lottery gives you another opportunity to populate you life because if you were trapped in a money job now you can pay them back and get down a new life with the left over. In other manus. most of my schoolmate said it’s negative because lottery’s money is excessively complicate to manage and it do excessively much jobs.

For case. your relationship with your household members could be weaken due to the money and most people who win lottery don’t say they live merrily after they win. Furthermore. one of them told me that you would hold mantle emphasis ; wellness job and most of them will utilize the money for drugs. At last throw out all this clip my ideas about lottery still remain the same because most of them were on my side. which was negative. Even though I learned a batch about the positive side.

In decision. you can see that winning the lottery has many positive and negative sides. For case. it can endanger you life and your household life in danger. Not merely that I can besides rupture apart the love of your household members and relations. In other manus if you win the lottery now you can life the life of luxury and won’t have to worry about the money for long clip. But either manner. you can see that it is largely negative because it has many negative effects in that person’s life. So what’s why I choose the negative side.

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