The evils of advertisement

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The essay argues for the ban of all advertisements due to their manipulative nature. The author believes that advertisements create a sense of need in consumers and pressure them to buy products. Children and teenagers are the most vulnerable target group, and advertising agencies often use them to promote products. Celebrities are also used to advertise products, which the author feels is corrupt as people tend to idolize their heroes and want to have what they have. The author believes that the world of advertising was created to make consumers spend money they do not have, and it is important to boycott advertisements to live a life based on ethical values rather than self-created needs. The author suggests that governments should forbid advertisements using children or teenagers, and educational institutions should reduce the use of advertisements that make use of celebrities who sell expensive brand name products.

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The more I watch TV, listen to the radio or read magazines the more I find myself bombarded with ludicrous advertisements. Our lives are constantly surrounded with someone trying to sell us a new-top-of-the-line gadget that we might need one day or some ridiculous magic wonder soap that’ll make our clothes look newer than new! In this essay I will argue for the ban of all advertisements. Firstly, advertisements are designed In order to create the feeling of need hence, pressuring the consumer to buy the product targeted.

Advertising agencies are well known to capture their audience by manipulating their senses and by creating the feeling of need. Secondly, the best advertisement-catchers use children or teenagers. Often hot products are advertised by “in kids” and therefore creating the feeling of wanting to be like them. Young consumers such as teenagers and children are the most vulnerable target group. They often watch TV and are always on the hunt for what Is new or what Is “cool”. They are also the ones who have the least money In our society hence, outing a lot of pressure on their parents.

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Last but definitely not least, the use of celebrities to advertise a product is, according to me, totally corrupt. No matter the quality of the product advertised, we all venerate our heroes. In other words we also want to share a piece them. No matter what they advertise we also want to have it and often at any cost. Manipulation is what medias do best. They use a lot of strategies to reach their goals and therefore making the consumer prisoner of make- believe needs. The world of advertising was created to make the consumers spend money they do not have.

The way they do it is through direct manipulation. They make us believe that we need such and such a product. They use various methods that have been proven to work effectively. Unfortunately, we live in a consumer society where we want to buy every crazy gadget that is being thrown to our attention. As mentioned earlier, we are weak and In order to allow ourselves to purchase the products we create ourselves needs that make the purchasing decision morally acceptable.

I strongly believe that advertisements should be boycotted In order to help the society live a life based on ethical values as opposed to live on self- created needs that only make us dependent on consumption. Every layer of our society is affected by advertisements. Young children, teenagers, parents, adults and also the golden age are manipulated by ads. Marketing agencies know how to use the medias as a way to come and invade us directly in the comfort of our own homes.

They harass us with advertisements which bombard us with futile gizmos hat eventually work upon our subconscious and force us to buy them with money we don’t have. In conclusion, I strongly condemn advertisements in any form or way. The government should forbid all types of advertisement using children or teenagers since they are the largest vulnerable target group In our society. Educational school reducing the use of advertisement which make use of celebrities who sell expensive brand name products. Our society doesn’t need to be constantly put under extreme pressure due to the creation of needs that only fool us.

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