The Fascinating Book That Mark Twain Created and Published, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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The 19th-century author, Mark Twain, wrote an intriguing book named the The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. In chapter 29, “Becky Returns,” Tom wants to spend time with Becky Thatcher, the daughter of the local judge after she was on vacation all summer. In chapter 8, “Games in the Woods,” Tom is reenacting Robin Hood and in chapter 14, “Camp Life,” Tom and his friends, Huck, and Joe have run away to Jackson’s Island, to enjoy a life of freedom for several days. The protagonist, Tom Sawyer, is a mischievous character who is determined and brave. Tom is a brave character because in games in the woods because based on what I have read, I can surmise that Tom was alone with any adult supervision.

In “Camp Life”, tom is brave because he and his friends had gone away from home with his friends for a few days without any adults. Also on paragraph 2, it said, “They lay around in the shade, after breakfast. . . and then went off through the woods on an exploring expedition.” In other words, Tom and his friends went off on an exploring expedition on an island about three miles long, and a normal 12-year-old boy like Tom would not be brave enough to be camping with peers. Tom is not only a brave character…but he is also a determined character because Games in the Woods, Tom is really determined to recite most of the lines in Robin Hood. One example from the text is, “‘Dares to hold such language,’ said Tom, prompting-for they talked ‘by the book,’ from memory.” In other words, Tom is reciting words from the book. Tom is determined in “Games in the Woods, ” because he is really determined to play Robin Hood, scrupulously, or exactly like it was in the book. Later in the book, in chapter 29, (“Becky Returns”) Tom is determined that, Becky, will say yes to his persuasion, “‘Say, I’ll tell you what we’ll do.’Stead of going to Joe Harper’s we’ll climb right up the hill and stop at the Widow Douglas’.

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She’ll have ice-cream!’” With that text from the chapter, I can surmise, that Tom was very determined because any 12-year-old boy like Tom would feel very determined when asking out his crush. Later in the chapter, Tom enters his mischievous side in “Becky Returns” in paragraph 7-13. The paragraph starts with Becky replying, and in the text, it says, “‘Oh, that will be fun!’ Then Becky reflected a moment and said: ‘But what will mamma say?’ ‘How’ll she ever know?’ the girl turned the idea over in her mind, and said reluctantly: “I reckon it’s wrong-but-’ ‘But shucks! Your mother won’t know, and so what’s the harm?’” So, what Tom is doing is that he is being mischievous by convincing Becky to go against her mom’s wishes. Tom is not only mischievous in Becky Returns, but he is also mischievous in “Camp-Life” because in the prolog it says that Tom and his friends have run away to Jackson’s Island, to enjoy a life of freedom. So, Tom has escaped from home and with context clues, I can tell that Tom has probably not told anyone but his friends that went with him about his trip. Throughout the fascinating book that Mark Twain created and published, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the main character, Tom, is very brave, determined, and mischievous. In conclusion, you have learned about Tom Sawyer and his character traits. The book Adventures of Tom Sawyer, brang many people lots of joy and ecstasy.

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