The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain Essay

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When composingThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer( 1876 ) Mark Twain used a figure of techniques to depict the narrative. scene and characters such as initial rhyme. pun and onomatopoeia. Structure and symbolism is used in the novel to set together every facet of Tom Sawyer’s life.

The novel is set in Missouri. Mississippi in the twelvemonth 1849. He drew upon his personal childhood experiences and people to make the characters and events in the novel. As a realistic theoretical account for the fictional scene of the hapless small small town called St Petersburg he used his hometown of Hannibal. Mark Twain based much of his novel on personal experience and observation and. although a fictional narrative. he illustrates it with a personal mode in the manner he tells the narrative of a male child turning up in Southern America.

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Mark Twain’s chief character is Tom Sawyer. a 12 year-old male child who is ever playing truancy. acquiring into problem and torturing people giving small consideration to the effects. An orphan. he is brought up by Aunt Polly. his mother’s sister. and he invariably dreams of freedom age-related macular degeneration a life without grownups and responsibilities.

The book is set in a clip when instructors and grownups were rigorous martinets and kids had none of today’s devices with which to busy themselves. Life was simple yet rough in the duties expected of kids. With his aspiration of get awaying this. Tom creates escapades to divert himself and runs off to an island taking Joe and Huck with him. Friendship is given a batch of cardinal attending in the narrative and is shown in the manner Tom frequently out of the blue reveals his emotions for his friends. For illustration. 2 although Tom admires Huck for looking so free he is saddened by the fact that no-one is at that place to welcome Huck place when they return from their island escapade.

However. as the narrative moves along. Tom realizes that he is turning up and begins to maturate in his behavior. Tom’s advancement from childhood to maturity is told in a structured and traveling signifier. Many issues are addressed in the novel and Twain uses the mentioned techniques to convey these with every bit much colour and varied emotion as possible. For illustration. Mark Twain describes Mississippi at that clip as a really troublesome and moth-eaten topographic point and it conveys to the reader that the writer has no peculiar respect or regard for the town. He conveys this by utilizing the utmost slang for the townspeople’ address and in his descriptions of the loads they had to transport.

By utilizing the point of view of kids. Couple manages to convey his sentiments on freedom. which is equated with stepping exterior of the norms of society and besides the emotional struggles presented by grownups. From the really beginning of the book the contrasting emotions between Tom and Aunt Polly. such as subject and indulgence. shows that grownups are invariably combating the struggle between caput and bosom every bit good as responsibility and love. At the same clip. Twain draws analogues between the adults’ and the children’s worlds connoting that grown-ups are non more needfully more mature. wiser or nicer than kids based on the society they present.

The usage of symbolism is important and aid to exemplify the novel’s thought and how we can understand it. Some illustrations can be Potter’s knife. the book ripped by Becky and the house fly which fascinates Tom in church when he should be praying all aid in the construction. Such deep significance in these symbols and inside informations can merely originate from the author’s ain penetrations and observations.

It was obvious throughout the book that the writer portrayed the civilized grownup universe through the eyes and point of view of kids with distinct. strong and rebellious kids. There is a blunt contrast between how grownups would see the state of affairss in which the kids found themselves.

Mark Twain touched on a broad scope of topics such as faith. instruction. medical specialty. offense. and public morality. I felt he conveyed his personal ideas on these issues by satirising them or utilizing all right sarcasm. Twain concerned much of his personal thoughts about the church and society and it seems he used St Petersburg as a micrososm of America in that clip stand foring all of the chief establishments which define our functions in society.

I was influenced by this representation and found the sarcasm applied to our present twenty-four hours society and establishments every bit good as it did when the book was written in 1876. The book made me recognize that lip service is an of all time present yet entirely unwanted piece of grownup society and I believe Mark Twain chose the perfect vehicle – kids who are ever what they seem – in which to convey this message.


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Penguin Classics. New York. U. S. A. ( February 28. 2006 ) 272 pages.

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